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Kawaii ha Seigi

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

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Kashiwagi Yuki fans show their support upon her return to Twitter after Bunshun published her scandal


AKB48 fandom, especially fans of Kashiwagi Yuki, were severely shocked by the news of her dating scandal with Johnny’s famous womanizer Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS. Shunkan Bunshun published photos of AKB48 Kashiwagi

48G WrapUp: French Kiss’ 6th Single, Hirata Rina’s 16th birthday, Shinoda Mariko closes shop


On 14th of July 2014 – the same day as Kashiwagi Yuki’s 23rd birthday, an announcement was made that French Kiss will be releasing their 6th single after being in

What will happen to French Kiss after Takajo Aki transferred to JKT48? and 2 more!


” Wait, is it true that French Kiss will be broken up!?!? ” ” Come on, where’s a source? ” On Twitter, Kricchi said… Kashiwagi: “We have decided nothing about

JKT48 has become (*Д*!!!) before we knew it (and 2other stories on French Kiss and NMB48)


Kuramochi Asuka’s pitch hits a player of DeNA during the opening pitch ceremony “ Popular idol group AKB48 sub unit French Kiss threw the first pitch for DeNA vs Yakult

On her 21st birthday, Kashiwagi Yuki states her goal for her solo debut: ”I want to polish my performance skills.”


On July 15th at Yokohama Blitz, Kashiwagi Yuki, a member of the popular idol group AKB48, made an appearance at the celebratory release event of the AKB48 subunit French Kiss’s