On her 21st birthday, Kashiwagi Yuki states her goal for her solo debut: ”I want to polish my performance skills.”

  July 16, 2012

On July 15th at Yokohama Blitz, Kashiwagi Yuki, a member of the popular idol group AKB48, made an appearance at the celebratory release event of the AKB48 subunit French Kiss’s new song “Romance Privacy” (on sale on July 18th).

Fans pre-ordered the theater version of the single at the “Mu-mo” online record store and applied for the lottery. A total of 4,500 people (1500 for each of the day’s 3 shows) won and were invited to the event.

The 15th was also Kashiwagi Yuki’s birthday, and the members of French Kiss, Takajo Aki and Kuramochi Asuka, gave her the surprise birthday gifts of a homemade strawberry tart and a watermelon cooler, respectively.
Giddy with delight, Kashiwagi Yuki exclaimed, “This year’s birthday is the happiest!!”

“I want to study music and singing in my 21st year,” she said as she spoke of her aspirations for her recently-announced solo debut. 

Kashiwagi says that in French Kiss she “totally relied on” Takajo and Kuramochi,” and confessed her uneasiness, saying “I don’t have anyone who I can rely on [in a solo act].” 

At the same time, she set a goal: “Because Mayuyu is singing idol-style songs, I hope I can sing in a different style. I want to sing ballads.”

After she was fed a piece of handmade tart by Takajo, Kashiwagi commented, “I’m surprised!! You’re so sweet!! It’s delicious! I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in a cake shop! You could be a pastry chef!!”
Takajo smiled, saying that this was the first time she had made a tart. “Because Yukirin once said she liked tarts, I did some research and made this one for her. I’m so relieved that she said it’s delicious.”

A total of 5 songs were performed during this event, including “Saisho no Mail” (最初のメール), “Kakkowarui I love you!” (カッコ悪い I love you!), and “Romance Privacy” (ロマンス・プライバシー).

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AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki to make a solo debut

French Kiss held a event to commemorate the release of the new song, “Romance Privacy”. Celebrated Yukirin’s 21st birthday with surprise!!

Whoa, it’s gonna be a ballad!? Seriously!?
So her solo numbers are all gonna be ballads!?

Yeah, Yasusu once said that he’s “in love with Kashiwagi Yuki’s ballads” and that she is “the queen of ballads.”
But for her solo debut, I hope she’ll dare to sing something like the classic idol-style songs that Mayuyu is singing!!

But then it would be like a hand-me-down from Mayuyu and Sashihara, and miss the point of Yukirin’s solo debut…
Sashihara and Mayuyu’s solo songs are classic idol songs, so if you keep differentiation in mind, I think it’s gotta be ballads after all.
Although to be honest, I also want to see Yukirin singing the more generic, “girly” idol numbers.

I agree. I’m not trying to say ballads are bad, but I just want to see her sing other types of songs.By the way, have you watched Music Japan already?

Osawa Tsuyoshi
Takajo has made a birthday cake for Kashiwagi~

Sae updated her blog~~~
…..so today, July 15 , is Kashiwagi-shan’s 21st birthday!! ( ^_^)/~ (Skip)

To my dear Idol-shan….

This picture Sae-chan uploaded is splendid!!

Sae-chan, thank you so much!
Please go to Disneyland with Yukirin again.

Sae-chan’s doing her best [to make a nice picture for Yukirin and to express her love for her]!!
SaeYuki is awesome~~

Sae-chan… this picture is wonderful, and what she wrote on her blog is so touching… ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 SaeYuki is the BEST!!

You know that Sae and Miichan shouted, “HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY ” during Yukirin’s solo concert, right?
So does that mean the loud voices which shouted, “Yukirin, I love you!” were Sae’s and Miichan’s?

The 3rd concert of the French kiss event has ended.
The surprise birthday celebration plan was a great success!!

So, what did you guys do?

Yukirin’s Sentaisai committee distributed pink glow sticks to fans in advance, and when the first song after the birthday celebration segment started, we turned them on all at once!
It’s not that difficult for small venues like the theater, but I was impressed they did it with such a large audience!

Then, together with the Akicha and Mocchi Ota, we chanted “Yukirin!” before the encore.
The members showed up and somehow, Mocchi was the first to cry. She was crying so hard.
Afterwards, when Yukirin talked about how French Kiss members have worked hard together, Akicha also started crying.

Our pink glow stick surprise plan was successful!!
As “Rainy Day” started, everyone turned on their pink glow sticks.
Yukirin had a surprised expression at first but soon it changed into a smile!
For the encore, we also did the “Yukirin” chant!
First Mochiko wept and then Akicha shed tears.
Yukirin said, “Our French Kiss family is really loving.”
During the encore, Yukirin was so overcome by emotion that she could hardly remember the lyrics and choreography of the song.
Yukrin: “I’ve never experienced such a wonderful birthday!”
That was such a touching 3rd concert of the event♪

Members of Yukirin’s Seitansai committee, you guys are awesome!! Good job!

Yukirin didn’t cry, but perhaps because she was choking back tears she sang the wrong lyrics and was dancing with her head bent down, lol.

Today we had a great sense of unity, right?
Thanks to you guys, this was such a great event!!

Here is the setlist of the 3rd concert!(^o^) 

Romance Privacy
Kakkowarui I Love You!
Rainy Day
Zutto Mae Kara

It looks like AKB wrapup websites will have a tough time tomorrow wrapping up all this information lol

Kashiwagi is really loved.
I hope she never forgets her gratitude towards the fans and will continue giving her best.

↑Why is Mr. Osawa here??

How do I put it? Somehow, the way she ended the 20th of year of her life and started the 21st was a dreamlike series of events.
When she turned 20, between last fall and the end of last year, she collapsed many times (or I should say she “nearly” collapsed) because she was was not feeling well.
Yukirin, you really gave it your all….(ToT)
I kind of feel that these 3 days were a gift from God to Yukirin, who had been working so hard…..

Takajo Aki
The event for “ROMANCE PRIVACY”, the 5th single of “FRENCH KISS”, has finished!

Today is Yukirin’s birthday, so we celebrated it a lot. ♪
I couldn’t but cry from the kindness the fans showed. ♡

Thank you so much!!

Kuramochi Asuka
French Kiss:
We wrapped up the release event~~~っ(๑• . •๑)♡
We sang!
We danced!
Had fun!!
It was warm!!
And…… I cried…..(´・ω・`)
Sorry everyone…. lol
One last time….
Yukirin, Happy Birthday♪

The French Kiss family would like to say thank you very much for coming to the release event of 5th single of French Kiss “Romance” at Yokohama BLITZ.
During the 3rd concert of the day, the fans of the French Kiss members made a surprise cheer for Kashiwagi with pink glow sticks. That was stunningly beautiful!
Thank you so much for planning it!
I bet Yukirin was so happy to get the watermelon cake and Akicha’s handmade tart.
You know, this watermelon cake was huge!

>Kuramochi gave her a Marugoto Tamachan, a watermelon cooler….
As I thought, this is the one she gave Yukirin:
Marugoto Tamachan


Sashihara Rino

Kashiwagi-chan, I love you !!! WOooooowwwwWWWWWW!!!

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Translated and edited by HikaruChristineChace and Tommy