(WrapUp) Kashiwagi Yuki to make Solo Debut

  July 13, 2012

It says “please turn on glow sticks when Birthday Surprise segment starts” I heard the color of glow sticks varies according to the position of your seat and when everyone turns them on at the same time, it makes a heart shape in the crowd. 

I found this from somewhere.
 That awesome~ 

I’m envious of you guys~~
I content myself with Gachigase (>_<) “
It looks like there are many video cameras in the venue.

After the show….

So setlist was like this, right?

01 Kakkowarui ILOVEYOE /French Kiss
02 Aru Akinohinokoto
04 Soramo Toberuhazu/Spitz
05 Chocotto LOVE/Pucchimoni
06 Momoiro Kataomoi/Matsuura Aya
07 Nagisa no Balcony/Matsuda Seiko

MC Guest: Yanai Michihiko
08 Sekaino Namida/French Kiss (Played a piano)
09 Chinmoku/Kashiwagi Yuki
10 Rainy day/French Kiss
11 Kazanbai/Kashiwagi Yuki
12 Yokaze no Shiwaza/Kashiwagi Yuki (on Gondola)
13 Flying Get/AKB48
14 If/French Kiss 

EN1 Doragon Fruits no tabegoro

MC Guest: Akicha, Mocchi and Nagura came up on a stage and announced her solo debut

↓Performed by 3 members of French Kiss
EN2 Saiyo no mail
EN3 Romance Privacy

(Ota’s comment was correct but I added link for those who need source)

Her solo concert finished!! That was an awesome concert!!! The person who was sitting in front of me received a Yukirin Daruma, and I was fiercely envious of the person~~~( ノД`)

So tons of Yukirin Daruma were flown to audience?

Nope. Yukirin kissed 2 Yukirin Daruma and threw them to audience seats! Those Daruma had her a message written on their backs too….!

Too much treasure lol

Kashiwagi Yuki to make solo debut / daily sports


Yeah it was the awesome show…
Kashiwagi-san is truly, genuinely an idol, I was impressed…
Her singing, MC, gesture…. everything about her is an idol.
I like Yukirin in her off time, but as I know, Yukirin as an idol was so brilliant….
She has too many things that I don’t have.
I’ve received so much inspiration today.
Congratulations on your solo debut!
To say it in one word

She made Miichan rave about her!!?? It makes me in awe of her….

This is the greatest possible praise that one can thing of….!!

Miyazawa Sae

I went to Yukirin’s solo concert with Miichan(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
I couldn’t stop (tears), becasue Yukirin was so brilliant…( ; ; )
And I’m so happy about your solo debut, as well!!
Good job yukirin!(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)♥♥♥
And a job well done to Asuka and Akicha from French Kiss too(((o(゚▽゚)o)))♥♥♥
Kashiwagi Yuki is a real idol!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

To put it clearly, if you end up watching this you won’t be able to go to any other AKB live shows.
It was that good.
Everything was sung live.
The songs where she played piano and sung at the same time really stuck out from the usual AKB framework.
I’m sorry, but its not as part of a group, but as a soloist that yukirin shines.
I really want to make a DVD of this so I can show it to everyone.
Its a shame that only the people who went today will have gotten to witness this.

All of the songs were sung live! Awesome!
I’m really jealous.
Well done!

Wait, so I just came here. Really!? She will make solo debut!!??
I’m almost crying…. Yukirin….Good on you Yukirin….

Her jolly-looking smile!
Se really likes to sing and dance….
I wanted to see this live(>_<) “
Gondora Yokazerin!!

I didn’t think Flying Get was that good of a song lol
But yukirin singing it by herself was amazing
Now, a woman that went to the show is talking to her friend on the phone excitedly as she’s leaving the concert hall lol

Akicha, Mocchi, thank you. This is from

When Yukirin’s solo debut was announced while Yukirin wasn’t crying, though she looked dizzy as she was surprised so much, Mocchi was crying for happiness, standing next to her. Akicha was also very pleased with the announcement….

Kashiwagi Yuki to make solo debut!!!!!! / Eiga.com
Schedule of her solo debut hasn’t been yet decided.

Kashiwagi Yuki can’t hide her shock as she heard the announcement.
French Kiss members at the moment of the solo debut announcement 
Kashiwagi Yuki singing her debut song in AKB48, BINGO! solo.

Kashiwagi Yuki performed her dear HelloPro number
Release the DVD fast!!

I think you can see Yukirin’s true value in this part
09 Chinmoku/Kashiwagi Yuki
10 Rainy day/French Kiss
11 Kazanbai/Kashiwagi Yuki
12 Yokaze no Shiwaza/Kashiwagi Yuki (on Gondola)

Yeah this part is phenomenal!
I hope they release DVD soon so that I can buy soon and watch soon!!

What was the birthday surprise like?

She seemed to be surprised when everyone used glow sticks at the same time,
so she was ReactionRin as always lol
She had such a broad smile!!

How was her singing with the piano?
Was she good at piano?

For the reason that she wanted audience who have come to her show today to feel sense of premium,
She took on a challenge to re-learn piano that she’d been away since she was 6 years old.

I’m no musical person, so I can’t tell how her piano skill is, but I could listen to it just normally….. or I should say I cried to it.

Birthday Surprise.
There were white or pink color glow sticks put on audience seats in advance, and the note said when we turn on this at the designated timing, it creates a pink heart shape in audiences .

But because Yukirin said to audiences to stand up before birthday surprise, it looked like it didn’t look like a heart shape for her.
Probably they were assuming that audiences were sitting, the glow sticks were was out of alignment and the heart shape didn’t look like a heart shape?

By the way Yukirin Daruma and the title of this event (Photobook “Yu…Yu….Yukirin” memorial live concert: Kashiwagi Yuki 1st solo live ~whether you’re asleep or awake, you are in Yukirin world!) were printed on the glow stick

Probably somebody else already shared this information but 

Audience were gifted a glow stick with Yukirin Daruma on it,

and 3 different photos that are exclusively available at this concert.
The silver tape thrown during the first half said “We will make this into fond memories”
The Gold tape thrown during the second half said “Thanks for a wonderful time (・U・) I love you all”

During Kazanbai,  PV in the background displayed visuals of Sakurajima and Kaimondake… together with it’s lyrics, it was so stirring…. 
She herself also said something like tears were welling up to her eyes.

Kashiwagi Yuki
My solo concert has ended without problem.

An unexpected surprise!
Akimoto-san’s Google+ post was shown on the screen at the concert hall!

solo debut(;_;)

Thank you very much!!!
I will try my best!!

I was glad that miichan and saechan both came even though they were very busy(;_;)

soruce 1, 2, translated by Tommy and Edo-san