Kashiwagi Yuki’s handshake event at her local town Kagoshima, had a shortage from the outset

  July 15, 2012

It was supposed to hold a lottery to select 500 winners to join the handshake event but only 492 people applied to the event.

■Kashiwagi Yuki Handshake event
Time and Date: July 17 2012 18:30~19:30
The venue: MBC media hall (Kagoshima-city)
Application method: Purchase (by cash) 5th single of French Kiss at Tower Record shot in Aeon mall Kagoshima


I wanted to go to meet her, though I’m in North Kanto region…..

See? This pretty much tells us a lesson that, “Don’t underestimate rural prefectures”

I laughed hard as I was seeing the table of winning numbers….

Even though she and FK’s single has been featured in local media like TV show TGETEGE…?
After all this is how AKB’s popularity is like?

492 copies were sold at one Tower Record store? I think this is a pretty good number.

It would have been better that if people can buy the right of application at record stores in more central area of the city….

What if it was sold 9 copies more??

Because they announced this on G+, I think Ota have surely recognized this.
This tragedy ruined the possibility of her holding events in her local town, Kagoshima….

After all, AKB Ota are concentrated in metropolitan area, Chubu and Kansai region where variety of TV programs can be watched….

You can’t say Kansai people can watch rich and full content of AKB. AKBINGO, Ariyoshi or any other midnight TV shows are not aired here, even Majisuka is aired 3 days after it’s aired in Kanto…..

↑And fast one hour of Heyx3 live special is cut off in Kansai, so we can’t watch performances of branch offices and subunits….

Though it’s a rural prefecture, why they limited it to Tower Record Aeon Mall Kagoshima store…. Lol
Plus only those who pre-ordered the single by cash!?!? Lol
Plus, they should hold this even on weekends rather than weekdays.

Anyway, store manager of the store is probably happy about this as as many as 492 copies were sold in 4 days (July10-13).

AKB programs aren’t aired in rural prefectures, and evens are also rarely held there, so the number of AKB fans are by far smaller than you imagine.

If this handshake event will become TV news in local televisions, next time it will sell more, I think.

Recently 25 times as many people as a set capacity applied for her solo concert…..
But it can’t be helped because this is Kagoshima….

It’s nice that everyone who bought the CD can shake hands with her^^

They should have announced to the winners by email…..

By the way, you need to drive a car to go to this aeon mall.

And, why did they choose this venue for the handshake event? Central station or the astronomical hall were much more convenient places….

So I feel sorry for Mr. Osawa, as he has too many things to deal with…..
If they announced this event on Yukirin’s blog or Gugutasu, the result would be different….

She announced both on her blog and Gugutasu….

Whatever, it’s okay that this kind of thing happen once in a while, isn’t it?