We made it!!! Capture the moments of Panty Flashes (and human bridge by NMB48)

  July 15, 2012

We made it!!! ~Panty Flash vol.1~

YayyyyyYYYYY Panty!!!
To all staffs: “WE MADE IT.” 
Black Panty Babay~~~~
This is a realization of YOKOMAN!?!?

We made it!!! ~Panty Flash vol.1~

I could see it.
Wait lol Who is this member???


This wiped my memory…..

We made it!! ~Crossing Human Bridge~

This is awesome!!!

Wai wai wai… What is this Bridge-like thing????

She way stomp over them….

Their costume will get dirty…..

I will do the role of being stomped by Sayanee anytime for you.

Fuko and Keira were lucky that they haven’t been selected for Senbatsu this time.

What NMB is aiming at….?? Sure it can draw attention, but…..
Personally I think it’s wrong to step on someone without taking off her shoes….

If they have plenty of time for leisure during the performance of the song, I think Sayanee’s break dance was better than this to fill the time lol

Sure, I don’t feel nice to watch this,
Though I don’t think it’s bad of Sayanee to stomp over members with her shoes on