Kami Episode of Kayoukyoku: Feud Between NMB48 and AKB48

  May 15, 2012
I heard yesterday’s breadcasting of 火曜曲 / Kayokyoku was Kami episode. So let’s dig into it!
Q. “There are members you think ‘how come she can be AKB'”
-> 10 out of 41 members answered ‘YES’

And it’s Sahsihara.
9 out of 10!!!
Who pushed the ‘YES’ button!!!
Good job Sashiko!! Everyone knows they must choose Sashiko because we want to see her reaction!!
Q. “Honestly I want a boyfriend.”
-> 12 out of 41!!!
Q. “Actually now I have a guy who I want him to be my boyfriend!”

-> 2 out of 41!!!!
Q. “Actually I have a boyfrined.”

-> 0 our of 41.
Even if they have, who can dare to push ‘YES’? lol
Feud between NMB and AKB!!!
NMB wants to beat us!?!? Sorry kid, you have zero chance!!!
Come on AKB!!
(SayaNee is sooooo scary!!! Just like Yankee Osaka girl!!)
GENKI Desuka~~~~~!!! <-famous impersonation of Antonio Inoki
Momoka Kinoshita
They are completely time traveling in the past when they’d been Underground Idol… AS ALWAYS.
lol finally mainstream media start exposing AKB without non-midnight-filter in golden time!!!
Hey Maeda!!!
SayaNee “Don’t touch my breasts with no hesitation!!!”
SayaNee “It’s difficult to react in funny way!!!!”
Sashiko “Don’t complain about it when you have breasts that someone wants to touch!!!”
SayaNee “Thanks to Acchan’s massage, my breasts have become bigger~!!!”
Miichan “Let me check if it’s that big!!!”
Grab Oppai!!

Miichan “I admit it’s huge!!”

OMG They are so funny and look really experienced in this comedy skit!!!

After filming…
Miichan “SayaNee’s Oppai was really delicious. Thank you so much lol”
SayaNee “You’re welcome((;;゜e゜;;))”

Miichan “(Asked to describe SayaNee’s Oppai) How can I say… It was…. massive and heavy. Those who want to ouch SayaNee’s Oppai indirectly, come to meet me at Shake-Hands event!”
<- lol she is clever….!!
Dorky fight between SKE and AKB (Kojiharu)
“Don’t say crazy things like one day has 365 minutes!!”
“I can’t find out a right answer no matter how many times I calculate!!”
“Cite the 7 times table!!!”
3 times 7 =
“I can’t !!!!” (Shout)
“The 7 times table is difficult, isnit!!”
It looks like Anime pictures used for the introduction of each group were scary like a horror Manga.
(゚ロ゚;) Jurina has become a Yokai monster before I knew it…
(Finally we can see golden time TV show like scene… (this show is aired during 9~10PM))

Aishiteraburu by SKE48~~~~~

What a gorgeous TV show!! They can do Kohaku with all these members together!!!

As it’s proposed that the loser of the battle will be preached by Yuya Uchida on May 1st on-air of Kayokyoku, in this episode, this ‘Penalty’ is executed to Sashiko. As you can easily imagine from the photo, she got so nervous in front of this legend of Rock n Roll.
But despite his looks the legend was tender to her as he said “I can’t be strict to those who are trying their best.” On the contrary, he came to like Sashiko, said “The only AKB member I’d known was Maeda, but met in person, she is really cute. She has a unique personality and is really a nice girl. I bet she will be a super star.”
Though this penalty ended up not so severe, when she leaves the studio, Sashiko calmly said “It was a great opportunity to learn a thing.” in a baby-sheep-like voice.