Common Things For Newbie AKB Fans

Guinness record of over 300 members with repertoire of more than 600 songs, AKB is not a soft world to step in for newbie fans. Everyone had a funny mistakes or misunderstandings when we started becoming AKB fans.
This thread from two channel may let you reminiscent the past when everything had been confusing or make you realize how far you’ve come as AKB Ota…

From two channel “Common Things For Newbie Ota”

Wait? Jurina Matsui and Rena Matsui are not sisters???

Tiger! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Jerjer!!

Uhmm so Takamina is in the right and Yuko is in the left?
No? Opposite? It’s confusing!

Tend to be a fan of not famous members…

Are you talking about me?
Now I’ve become a fan of Akicha….
I can’t love anyone but Akicha!!!

Everyday had been filled with new discoveries and joy… The time watching Youtube had been the happiest moment of our life.

Yeah yeah.. I used to love watching videos on Youtube…
But since I had watched too many in a short time, I soon got bored with Youtube…

Can’t differentiate Nifuji and Moeno.

Believe bad blood rumors between members easily and became haters.

So Sayaka is a daughter of AkiP, right?

Can’t see the difference between Lovetan and Komorin.
I’m talking about myself in the past…

Eager to get Cyalume

lol It’s so true to me right now….
I cracked up with your comment……

Watching videos of old team K, start bursting into tears though she knows nothing about the team.

What DD means? Donald Duck??

As I saw hardcore Ota, I thought even though I like AKB, I can’t dare to be such a huge fan.
6 months later, I realized I’ve completely become a huge fan..

Get puzzled with Mariko’s barrage of nonsensical gags and Tomochin’s hot-blooded personality.

Get high when she found a member from same prefecture as her.

LOL Shiichan is from my prefecture!
I wanted her to be my Oshi…. but I couldn’t…

Start with watching whole episodes of Shojiki Shogi.

Pick her Oshi-mem only from members who she has seen on TV.

Have a wrong idea that Jurina is a member of AKB48
(* Now she is a member of both AKB48 and SKE48)

What? They don’t sing title tracks of singles???
If so I’m not interested in theatre Revues!

Gradually understand how great Takamina is.

Wow Revue songs are actually nice!!
->Wait? Couplings are also good!
->Uhmmm I gotta collect all songs related to AKB!
->Feel desperate as she has found there’re more than 600 songs out there…

That’s exactly my situation!
I’ve managed to have collected about 400 songs!

For no reason, utter the word ‘I hate PinTike (Pink tickets)’

Search members who have a same birthday as her, assuming with this many members, at least she can find one member who was born on the same birthday.

I think everyone does this at least once.

Somehow believe the idea that Hi-Senbatsu members are ugly.

I‘d thought Hi-Senbatsu members are poor at both dancing and singing…
Soon I learned that I was completely wrong.

Start to Try pretending to be a veteran fan just after attended her second Revue concert.

Don’t know the difference between theatre version and normal version, which means she also doesn’t know the difference between nationwide Shake Hands event and Kobetsu Shake Hands event.

Start to hate 超Senbatsu members such as Acchan or Yuko.

Get so emotional when she first listen to the song Temodemo no Namida.

But mistook the title as Demodemo no Namida…

Deliberately become Yuttan, Umechan or Mocchi-Oshi, because she wants to pretend to be a veteran.

Search the result of the last year’s election.
20th Yuka Masuda.. I’ve never heard her name… I’ve never seen her face…
Let’s search wikipedia.
Alright I come to understand her….
She had experienced really tough 4 years…. I didn’t know there’s such a girl in AKB….
Let’s see the videos of her!
Uhmmmm honestly looks-wise, she is not so impressive…
But somehow she looks cute.
!!! What is this girl!? She looks completely different person in Bikini!!!
Wait… as I’ve seen her for a long time… I come to find she is actually cute!! Her eyes are cute!
Omg now I am so much absorbed into Yuka Masuda…
Ok I don’t mind Mocchi anymore…. I am Yuka Masuda-Oshi from today!

Get shocked when she finds out Harugon’s age.

Judges Tomochin from her appearance.

And as time goes by, she has gradually come to respect Tomochin.

Mistakenly shorten Rie Kitahara’s name as KitaEri.

Wants to go Kobetsu Shake Hands event, but have a wrong idea that Theatre version is only available at theatre.

Have a wrong idea that supporting Kawaei, Paruru or Karen makes her look like a veteran.
Have a wrong idea that bashing Yuko or Acchan makes her look more like a veteran.

Become irritable with lack of sleep.

First, she thought there’re not many cute members, but gradually her mind has changed and many girls start to look cute to her eyes.

Mixed up Wasamin (Misaki Iwasa) and Reinyan (Reina Fujie)

Team A -> First team 
Team K -> Second team
Team B -> Third team
Have wrong idea like this.

Always consult AKpedia.

Atsuko Maeda and Tomomi Itano look nasty… they must be bad people…

LOL that’s exactly how I feel right now!

Can’t understand Amina well.

Still can’t scramble the names and faces of poorly treated members and Team 4 members.
That means she only can remember members who appear on TV frequently and have unique personalities.

Frequently use Christian-like terms such as God or Angle though he is no Christian at all.

Make a false statement of her career as AKB fan.

I think there’re too many fans who self-claimed they’ve become a fan of AKB since Ogoe Diamond.

Regret hugely on why they hadn’t been a fan of AKB earlier.

Don’t want to admit the fact that she has become a fan of AKB.
She talks to her friends like ‘I don’t particularly like AKB but I think at least XX is cute.’

Get shocked when she first listened to MIX.
But lose all hesitation after she’s experienced Korogaru Ishi ni Nare.

She learned there’re teams in AKB.
->She found Ameblo!
->Finally she come to know there’re members other than Senbatsu.
->Learned AKB is a shortened form of Akihabara and they are holding Revue at AKB theatre in Akihabara.
->Found the existence of KKS.
->Learned the history of AKB through AKpedia and two channel.
->Search for a countless number of videos related to AKB.

Only interested in Senbatsu members.

After 4 years, I’m still a newbie…
It’s just tiresome for me to watch all the materials of all members.  I only check out stuffs about my favorite members.

Somehow regard ’51 no real’ (

Get easily irritated by the word ‘Newbie’ and ‘Poor Information Literacy ‘

Seriously surprised with the real age of Jurina.

Reads 河西, Kawanishi
Reads 多田, Tada
Reads 仲谷, Nakatani
Reads 指原, Yubihara

Don’t know who is TGSK

Have a wrong idea after watching videos of reformation event in 2009 that TGSK is a bad person.

Hadn’t known who Cindy is before she’s joined Warota.

Have a wrong idea that Syuukan AKB is a weekly Magazine.

It’s a very common mistake and even some members had thought it’s a magazine.

Reads 大矢真那, Mana Ooya.
Suuchan is short.
All teams have same Setlists for their Revue concerts.
Brainwashed into believing that team K is da best by other team K Oshi.

Mixed up KKS with undergirls.

Okay please let me read this thread as ‘talk about your shameful episodes in the past as a newbie’

Can’t read all Sayaka.
才加 -> Saika?
彩 – > Aya?
明香 -> Asuka? Meiko?

How is it possible to read these names Sayka….
Personally I think members’ names I learned from characters rather than sounds are difficult to remember… For instance, I still reads some members names in Kanji wrongly even after I re-learned again and again….maybe in this sense, overseas fans have advantage to remember the correct reading of their names, I guess.
By the way I’m looking forward to seeing the veteran Ota version of this thread, though I don’t think I can fully understand real Ota talks…