Nogizaka vs Sashiko, Iron Cage Talk Battle At TV Show Kayoukyoku

  May 2, 2012
One day before the day of destiny, 2th May, Sashiko and Nogizaka46 made appearance in the same TV show, Kayoukyoku. Not just making appearance, they held a preliminary battle in, for maybe no reason, iron cage. You may know as you read, but it’s just like pre-Match MC of WWF, except its supposed to be enjoyed their charm, girliness, and comedy-like beef. (You can see video of the show is at the end of this post)

Start of the show! 
Cute girl with short hair style in the center and long haired girl with long tail in the right (front row) are Nanamin and Sayuringo.
 Finally Nogizaka confronted directly to AKB members other than Sashiko!
Uhmmm Nogizaka members said AKB members are scary and look cold. (they were forced to say that by MC, Nakai-kun (Miichan’s role model))

Sashiko entered the battle field with wooden sword (shinai) in her hand lol
“I’m very angry!”lol
Look, Nogizaka members are having confused looks or trying not to laugh!! (L: Ika-tan, R: Kazumi)
 MC “Have already turned a switch on???”
 Sashiko “Uhm? I don’t even have a switch!!!”
 I don’t know why but this battle is just hilarious (in a good way).

“I’ll never lose to little ponies!”
“We’ll easily smash Sashiko!”

 They completely looked like reading a script lol

MC “So, who arranged this battle!?”

Sashiko “I understand it’s all arranged by those adults. It’s them who are evil. But I must fight because I’m already involved in this!” lol

Battle started in iron cage.

 “How come Hetale like you can make a solo debut??”
 “Where the hell is Nogizaka!!!!!”

*Nogizaka is a name of place in Tokyo, where Sony music’s recording studio is located.

 “I don’t know because I’m from Oita!!!”

*She is from Oita pref in Kyusyu

 “Dont bookmark porno sites!!!”
 “It’s not porno but it’s a little bit Ero Manga!!!”

 Sashiko dissed Mai Shiraishi, who is the cutest in Nogizaka46.

“Just being cute is useless! Can you do Hengao!?”

*Hengao: funny and crazy face

This is her answer.
 Sashiko showed example.
BTW, this is 70% of her maximum power. If she showed her 100%, it gets banned.
 Sayuringo punch!!!!!!

Uhmmm she was too shy that her punch was like a sweet touch to a boyfriend.

 345 punch!!!!

*345: San Shi Go= Sashiko

 “She shouldn’t do 345 punch. It just spoiled the heated battle mood.” lol
 “we prepared a penalty for those who lose this battle. “

*Sales battle. Not this talk battle.

 Forever Rocknrolla “I heard the name of AKB but I don’t their faces and names. (saw Sashiko’s picture) Oh I thought they were more ugly.”

Loser will be preached by him.

 After the iron cage dispute battle, Nogizaka members apologized to Sashiko for their filthy mouths too politely. This scene was a little spoiling for some viewers.

Maimai (Maiyan?)
It was a Short version.
 Then it’s Sashiko’s turn!!!
Sashiko Kawaii~~~~!!!!

Check out the video footage of the show!! (music portion is removed to avoid copyright violation)