Title track of NMB48’s upcoming new single ”Virginity” got mixed reactions (and another topic ”The most adorable Mayuyu)

  July 9, 2012

It sounds like a song from Showa-era…..orz
It’s difficult to judge……
Seriously it’s difficult make a judgement about this song….
It’s as crappy as Watarirota Hashiritai7’s coupling songs…. lollol

This is not good…. He once again wrote gross lyrics like “Tetsu no panty (Iron panty in Junjo-19)”
↑ Well….. it’s not only about the lyrics…..
Melody is more awful than the lyrics this time!!
NMB had continued releasing good songs until this single…..
Actually this is the first time I am disappointed with songs by NMB….”
Virginity…… Personally I love it’s retro tune!!
I saw it via KeyholeTV…… It was such a crappy song….

I guess most people would say “Why in the world they didn’t make Mouou Girlfriend for a title track of the single….”
It sounds like one of Stage setlist…..
So this song will be used for tie-up with Round one!?!?
I can’t picture how the commercial will be like….

So does this mean, the real thing in this single will be Teppoutai’s song!?!?
They should have made Mousou Girlfriend a title track…..
This song is too similar to Hosyokusya Tachiyo
Uhmmm how can I say…
And… as I expected, they shouted “Virginity!” repeatedly….
I’m listening to it again, and I’m convinced that this song will sell well!!
Uhmm anyway, Ainyan got a better position.

I actually like this song as it has pathos.
It doesn’t suit their costumes, I think?
And audience add MIX during the performance, so they did rehearsal together with audience??
Personally I like costumes for this song, though I can’t say this is the best….
As for the song itself…… I hope it will get better as I listen to it again and again……


Good news!! Mayuyu is in the best condition!!

She is hella cute!!!

She got back her eyebrows!!!!

Yeah, far edges of her eyebrows have lifted?


Mayuyu’s Mayu (eyebrows) made a comeback!!!

And… she sang it live!!

I love stardust like thing that sprinkles as she moves!!

Yeah yeah she is extremely cute.
Her vocal volume is not sufficient, but she is basically a good singer and above all, she is an idol!!

She is the best idol!!

So she got back her eyebrows…..this means now she can play a center!!!!!

Basically there’s always an air of nobility and handsomeness about her.