Folowing the election, Team 4 once again miserably lost to SKE in theater version’s sales

  July 9, 2012

Theater version of AKB48 4th single, the number of sold-outs of Kobatsu handshake event tickets for each members.

They lost to  Next generation’s Ace of SKE, Kimoto…. not to mention SKE itself.
What should they do!?

Myabe Ohba’s slowdown rendered persistent damage to team 4….

So Yokoyama has got so much popular now…!!
Her lane used to have few fans at Handshake event….

Annin has been decreased her slots from 6 to 5, but still plenty of her tickets are left unsold!?!?

Team 4 has a huge problem in their popularity, but they also don’t often perform Stage, right?
Team 4 Ota are in a buoyant mood as it’s members will play main cast of Majisuka3, but are they alright with  upcoming Tokyo dome concert? Their performance still receives very low appraisals…..

But no matter how they are unpopular, management would keep giving them promotional push…
It’s like fame that Senbatsu members have earned is eaten by team 4, the team that is forever in red.
At this point, they are kind of bad assets that never turn into black…. 

The only thing team 4 has but SKE doesn’t is youth?

Anyway, does AKB still have positions for young members?
I have an image that they share a fixed number of positions with too many members.
SKE and NMB seem to have plenty of vacant positions for junior members.

Looking at this table, I have an impression that Shimazaki did really well in the election…. lol

The biggest advantage for SKE over team 4 is that they can release their own singles!!
Team 4 has few chance to be selected for AKB’s singles….

Handshake event
Response: Team 4 < SKE
Youth: Team 4 << HKT, NMB
Looks: Team 4 << SKE, NMB, HKT
Name recognition: Team 4 <<<<< Team AKB

↑ The only members in SKE’s Senbatsu who are older than Ohba and Shimada are Takayanagi, Suda, Furukawa, Rena, Ohya and Hata.

I think it’s because team 4 members lack uniqueness in their personalities.
The last broadcast of ANN hosted by Nagao, Komariko and Nakamata was too boring that I thought it would be funnier if they shut up.
Konya ha Kaeranai is also boring to death.
I think it’s not because they are lacking experience.
In the past, in the early days of 5gen, they hosted radio programs in a really funny way.

They even lost to KKS from branch offices who has got almost no media exposure…..
You know what? It’s not because team 4 lacks promotion, but because they can’t make it no matter how much promotion they’ve got.
So as team 4 is in that devastated state, they should seriously think about deformation of team 4 or demotion of it’s several members to KKS…

Problems about team 4 are “We can’t figure out what the team’s color is.”, “There’s no members who can be a face of the team”, “We can’t figure out what relationships between each member are like.”
Anyway, it’s difficult to answer to the question, “What is team 4 like?”.
The only plausible answer may be “they are younger than AKB”….

Seriously, is this a real popularity of team 4!?!?
I expect too much from Paruru?!?!

They leave little impression.
There’s no outstanding figure, Ace or pair in team 4.
Team 4’s captain left too much to be desired…..

Just glancing at members of team 4, I have an impression that there’re many talents in the team.
I think it’s simply because of “Timeline”.
They have started getting media exposure after most of Ota decided their 1~2 Oshi.
And as you know, we won’t easily change our Oshimen. So most of team 4 members are 3-4 Oshi, probably.
In this sense, SKE have more history that they’ve piled up over years, and now it’s finally the time for them to break into stardom…?
If team 4 members were the original members, I think now most of them would be playing central roles of AKB48.

Another reason is that management lacked preparation to make team 4 a solid regular team.
They don’t have their original Stage, there’s no one who can be a mentor or teacher for them….
But I also feel sympathetic for 9gen as most of them automatically have become members of team 4 just because they are 9gen…..
But it’s about time that they must achieve results….

Probably it’s also because they weren’t given much chances to communicate with senior members in Ariyoshi Kyowakoku etc.?
Back then it was okay as we saw team 4 members just as fresh rookies, and appreciated friendly mood within them.
But now that they have become senior members to younger gens, they must stop being indulged in a peaceful state….

I can’t feel any passion or ambition to take over top teams from them.
It’s understandable that they can’t be as motivated as other team members because people tend to consider team 4 a team that consists of leftovers.
But the thing is there’s no member who are willing to break that public perception of team 4.

I thought AKB’s basic concept is to support “normal” girls who give everything for forging their path to realize their dream in entertainment industry?

If they can’t gain new fans, even though they’ve got so much favorable treatment to have media exposure, AKB’s future is not so bright…..

Yestersay, AkiP said after he finished making new Stage setlist for team N, he will make new one for team S.
Though team K has the second longest Stage performance period after team S, he didn’t mention team K.
Maybe he is thinking about Reformation/Sokaku after Tokyo dome concert?

It’s because branch offices have much more cute members and they are better at dancing than team 4 members….
But at this point, I start feeling sorry for Paruru as she can’t sell out tickets for Kobatsu Handshake event after she’s got so much promotion….

There’s a old saying….
(very rough translation) “You should become a head of Rooster rather than become a ass of Ox.

But it’s wrong to compare “team” with “group” in the first place…._

Actually, team 4 lost to team S “without Jurina” in terms of the total number of votes they’ve got in the election.