Theater ver. of AKB48 4th album: How many sold-outs each member has after 2nd lottery?

  July 8, 2012

Even though she is said to be Salty (Dull response to fans at handshake event), Shimazaki has got so much promotion, and still her sales is like this?? Worse than Kanon-chan!?!?
And…. what’s wrong with Kitahara

抽選1回目  抽選2回目
Oshima  18/18 完売
Kashiw  18/18 完売
MatsuiR 15/18               18/18 完売 (Sold out)
Shinoda  13/18     18/18 完売
Mayuy  *8/18     18/18 完売
Kojima  *8/18     18/18 完売
Takami  *5/18     18/18 完売
Sashiko  *3/18     18/18 完売
MatsuJ   *1/18     18/18 完売
Sae      *0/18     18/18 完売
Itano   *0/18     18/18 完売
Akicha   *0/18     18/18 完売
Sayane   *0/18     18/18 完売
Milky    *0/18     18/18 完売
Suda   *0/18     18/18 完売
Yuihan   *0/18     17/18 極少1  (Almost sold out: 1slot)
Mocchii  *0/18     17/18 極少1
Churi   *0/18     16/18 極少1
Miichan  *0/18     14/18 極少2
Sawako  *0/18     13/18 極少2
Kitahara  *0/18     12/18 極少1
Yuria   *0/18     12/18
Ogiso      *0/18     *9/18 極少3
Umeda   *0/18     *8/18 極少2
Kasai   *0/18     *4/18 極少2
Kanon    *0/18     *3/18 極少1

Suzuran  *0/18     *3/18 
Paruru  *0/18     *2/18 極少1
Kuumin   *0/18     *2/18 極少1
Minarun  *0/18     *1/18
Kaoru   *0/15     *1/15
LOL Branch offices have so strong sales!!

I’m surprised that Kitarie hasn’t sold out yet!!

What came across in my head as I was looking at SKE’s sales listed on this table was the word “ I lent him space under the eaves, and hestole the whole house.

I can understand why Sayanee, Watanabe Milky, Suda have been sold out, simply because they are the members whose reactions to fans at handshake events are really nice.
But I can’t figure out why Yuihan has been increasing her sales for Kobetsu handshake events!?!?

↑Yukoyama has been always sold out in 2nd lottery.
Consider the fact that they will also hold 2 shot photo event (only those who won tickets for the handshake events can join a lottery for this event), I’d rather say she decreased sales.

Oh sorry, I didn’t know that. So it’s not that Yokoyama has increased her sales but Kitahara and Minegishi decreased their sales more than Yokoyama.

I think in the previous Kobetsu HS events, there were members who could manage to sell all slots in 2nd lottery and members who could easily sell all tickets.
This time, because albums are more expensive than singles, the gap between them are shown more obviously.

Because it’s right after the election, it looks like members who made a great leap or ranked down a lot sell better than other members.

Sashiko don’t sell better than in the past,
while Kuramochi and Takajo are almost as same as in the past.

And maybe it’s because, now, French Kiss are right middle in the promotion of their new album.

Mayuyu and Sashihara sold their Kobetsu handshake tickets at almost the same pace for Manatsu no SG!, so it looks like Sashiko clearly lost momentum.

Kanon is 14 y/o, isn’t her? Despite it’s widely said that senior members treat fans better than juniors, she even sells more than Shimazaki!! Awesome!!

Because it’s annoying to see comments like, “what does 18 in ‘○/18’ mean?”, I explain it for you.
18 means 6 x 3=18. Because they will hold Kobetsu for total 3 days, and top members have 6 time slots for each day, so total 18 time slots they have.
○ means how many of time slots have been sold out.

Tomo~mi….. it’s astounding that she ranked in 12th in the election when she ranks far below 12th in this ranking….


I heard that because Paruru has made a lot of TV appearance, many of her fans are Zaitaku (fans who don’t go out to meet her in person).

This is an emergency! Except Chou(Super)-Members, many of AKB men have been overtaken by members from SKE and NMB!

Fans of members like Kitarie, Miichan and Tomo~mi have gone through a grueling fight in the election so they may have got tired…
Especially Kitarie, because Not yet released a new single right in the middle of election period….

There is a tendency that after Chou-Senbatsu members were all sold out, fans flock to Senbatsu members from Branch offices.
All of AKB members who managed to get Senbatsu positions haven’t increased their sales for this theater version….
I think they should take a measure,other than just promoting Paruru and Yokoyama, to prepare for graduations of Chou-Senbatsu members…

But who do you think they should promote instead of Paruru?

The only members I think it’s worth to give intensive promotions are Muto and Tano-chan.

But I think we should consider that this event will be held only in Tokyo.
Basically Kobetsu handshake event is difficult to attend for fans who live in places far from Tokyo.
You can’t simply compare sales of tickets for Kobetsu handshake event and election results.

Popularity in the election = Nationwide popularity
Popularity in (Kobetsu) handshake events = Popularity among Ota living in Tokyo area.
Is this right?
I can’t they it’s 100% correct, but it’s not totally wrong as well.