Breaking News: Kickstart of SNH48, Shanghai-Based Group, ProjectRevealed

  April 22, 2012
On 21th AKB48 Chinese Official website announced the kick start of SNH48 project (上海48: Shanghai48

This is going to be the 3rd group of AKB family in East Asia outside Japan, after JKT48 and TPE48

According to this site( and other comments made by Japanese on online forums, audition will start around August and by December the group will make a first appearance in public.

Japanese fans comments include,

Chinese-Ota is sooooo excited!!

SNH48…. sounds not good..
Right in the middle of writing this, this headline news hit YahooJ

Kojiharu AKB48 etc. Held a Fan Meet Up Event in Shangahi. Their Younger Sister Group SNH48 Starts Audition This August.

Kojiharu, Shihori Suzuki, Maria Abe, Rina Kawaei and Wakana Natori joined the Fan Meet Up event in Shanghai 21th Apr, welcomed by 1,000 of Chinese fans. In the event, they presented surprise for Kojiharu, who turned 24 on 19th this month, singing her a birthday song. Impressed with this unexpected present, Kojiharu got watery eyes, looked deeply moved.
In addition, AKS announced the kick start of Shanghai-based group SNH48. According to Chinese media, they will set up management offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, starting recruiting activities through TV and Online media. The first audition for the group will be held in coming August, and total 16 members of SNH48 will make the first appearance in public in December, little before AKB’s 7th anniversary.

Continue Japanese fans reactions,

What a heated welcom for Kojiharu!! Like Korean, they may like good-looking girls, so they’d better choose beautiful girls!

What’s up about TPE48???

Taiwan project never seems to fully start, JKT was stolen by Korean pop, sudden announce of Shangahai project… their overseas strategy goes so chaotic..

This is a franchise system like 7&11, so AKS can’t fully control the overseas projects.

I’m quite suspicious Chinese do election in honest manner!!

Maybe next election, Senbatsu members will all be Chinese lol

I feel bad for JKT

Baidu’s AKB section is all about SNH48 now, but it seems many are opposing this move… why?

First of all, how come AKB’s system can work fine in this piracy heaven?
Second, Love Prohibition will never work for Chinese!
Last and most importantly, will Japanese embrace Chinese group when they are invited in Japan.
Like us, Chinese fans are also self-critical for their country.
How about lip singing? Remember Beijing Oympic. Do they really accept lip singing?

That’s why DiVA members are popular in China, coz they sing live.

I think they will pick Sora Aoi for the center. Easily sell one million.

Why they don’t announce this in Japan as well?
Basically Japanese headline is all about Yubi-Matsuri now.
So there’s no space.

AKB never let big news making headline at the same time.
Several days before, Sae and Sayaka’s news were deferred in order to give JKT48 a big headline.
So, AKS ordered to deffer the news report to media.

Hong Kong version is also going to be announced, I heard.

Have confidence, not only AKB but Japanese contents in general is undeniable! China is a huge opportunity for Japan. Be positive!

Why Japanese media is always bashing AKB?
They are not K-pop.
They have a potential to dominate the world market!

Directly managed by AKS
AKB48, SKE48, HKT48
MNC group
JKT 48
Joint venture of AKS and Rainbow mart

This project has been underway for 2 years, started with offer from Shanghai.
Maybe their theatre will be somewhere in former expo’s site.
TPE48 will start 2 months later with the completion of their theatre.
This year they will renovate all theaters, NMB48, SKE48’s new theatre, AKB48, JKT also have their theater.
There also are offers from Macao and Singapore.

I thinks there are many cute girl in China more than in Japan.

You are a noob.
AKB members are not chosen only by cute looking, and they will do the same in China.
Big scale of the group is to grab the diversified needs, to broaden the entrance.
Ultimately standards of beauty is constantly changing. So they deliberately avoid super cute girls according to the present standards of beauty.
Start from a normal girl who only have a burning ambition, trying her best to make her dream come true, what touches everyone’s heart is this story, which goes beyond the border of race, nationality, age.
That is the difference between AKB and others.

So K-pop is doing the polar opposite.
Everyone has a same type of looking, which no one can differentiate.

Chinese girls are so diverse. There are Kawaii type of girls and Sexy types of girls as well.

What about SPR48? They suspended it?

It’s now in marketing and venue-finding phase.
It’s not suspended since it’s not even announced.
But maybe it’s financially difficult to materialize it.

How in the world they came to the conclusion selling records in China?

They are gonna totally ruin it. Don’t underestimate the Heaven of piracy.

If SNH can establish their business model to actually sell records in China,
then China definitely will be the world No.1 record market.”

 Lot of information is flying around, showing the confusion of people, as we can only make a speculation at this point , but as I was reading the last 3 comments, I was nodding since they were so persuasive, though I think they need a more sophisticated marketing strategy to really sell records together with tickets, creating some system that piracy or fabrication doesn’t work in nature.