Tomochin Makes Appearance On The Front Cover Of June Issue ViVi Magazine

  April 22, 2012

ModelPress reported,
Tomotin will make an appearance on the front cover for June issue of fashion magazine “ViVi”(on sale 23th) together with a model Triendl Reina.
In the magazine, their section is titled “Tomochin & Torichin’s secret date”, they present their friendly talk for the first time. Though they are good friends in private life, this is the first time they work together. They gave ModelPress comments “It a bit awkward lol But I’m so happy we can make a front cover appearance of ViVi together.”(Tomochin) “Unlike our private, I thought from one moment we were set in a serious mode.”(Triendl Reina)

Their friendship has widely known through their blogs, sometimes they uploaded photos of dinner they were having together on their blog. The magazine covers whole girls’ talk, they talk about how they met, what they like about each other and give a glimpse of emails they are exchanging in their daily life.

Though both of them are busy these years, they say somehow they can manage to find time to meet each other. In fact they met each other on a special day, “We spent last year’s Christmas Eve together”(Tomochin) “It was sentimental Christmas Eve lol”(Triendl) On top of that Triendl revealed “We took a bath together!! It was a gorgeous bubble bath! But we can never show photos we took at that time lol” Tomochin persuasively told “If you ask me…. maybe I’m a boy part. Reina is not a decisive girl, she’s always like ‘What should I do~~ How can I do~~’ and I’m like ‘I think this is good enough.'” suggesting their balanced relationship.