Japanese Girls Pop group Perfume Offer Free Distribution of Motion Capture Data of Their Dance

  March 30, 2012

Japanese girls techno pop group Perfume started free distribution of the Motion Capture Data of their dance on their official global website.

Motion Capture is a process of scanning human or object motion. It is used to move digital objects in 2D or 3D dimensions. One of the most famous example of the use of Motion Capture in Pop Culture is Hatsune Miku. MikuMikuDance, a free software with which you can create video data of Miku dancing your own motion using Kinect of Microsoft.

When you watch Perfume dancing, their dance may somehow reminds you of Miku’s dance clip or in more straight forward word, they dance like robots (or Android). And actually the concept of their new single, “Spring of Life”, is ‘Pefume become Android’. Maybe We’d better be expecting some cool digital characters dance techno tunes like Perfume? It’s would be awesome if some collaboration will start from this project.

This time they released each of three members’ Motion Capture Data and Audio file. In addition, on project hosting website GitHub, they are distributing sample codes for openFrameworks, Processing, Max and Flash. All these data can be used under the terms of use.

Finally, both for those tech savvy and those who are completely unfamiliar with these technical things, I put some Kawaii music video of Perfume. Have fun!! :))

In this music clip of new single, members of perfume play Androids, which are born in Laboratory and somehow getting ‘Emotions’, longing to be human in some day. A lot of LED light are embed in thier costumes, making them heavy and hot. Though, they performed a cool, sharp dance routine.