Yukirin’s solo number ”Kazanbai” is Kami-Kyoku!?

  July 1, 2012

It sounds like Yukirin wrote the lyric herself….

By no means  I think this song is written by AkiP. If there’s something that involved him, probably its’s only something like making the title of the song “Kazanbai”….?
In the previous broadcast of ANN, AkiP commented on Kitarie’s songwriting, saying she wrote professionally too much, and what he expected from her is something more non-professional-like, and I thought this song is exactly what he expected.

I don’t think AkiP wrote such a “sensible” lyric~~
I guess this is written by Kashiwagi-chan.

Yukirin:  This is a coupling to French Kiss’s new single “Romance Privacy” which will go on sale on July 18, and also my solo song….
Akicha and Mocchii: Wow!! It’s coming!
Yukirin: This is the first airing of this song on Kiss-Razi!!
Akichan and Mocchi: Wow really? That’s amazing. It’s nice!! This is special~.
Yukirin: This is! So is this enough to be special, right? Okay, then, please listen to the coupling song to French Kiss’s new single “Romance Privacy“, and my solo number, “Kazanbai“.

Kazanbai” by Kashiwagi Yuki

Whenever I have a sad moment, I remind of,
blue sky in my home town and tender smile of my mother.
I passed the audition that I applied covertly,
That day, I confessed my dream that I wanted to go to Tokyo.

真っ暗な部屋へ 一人帰り
I come back my gloomy room all alone,
As I opened the refrigerator’s door,
How many times I cried, because I was fed up with myself.
I gotta hold on, this is the path I’ve chosen because I like it.

My home town where I made members of my family and my friends worried,
But allowed me to have this selfish wish,
I promised (with my home town). Piling up emotions are volcanic ashes.

Yukirin once again amazed us by her outstanding talent! What’s left to be done is Osawa’s effort to push promotion for her.

I hope corporations in Kagoshima (Her home town) will tie-up their campaign with this song….

I love this sheer contrast between the title and the lyric.”

I wish Wasamin to cover this song adding her own Enka taste.

Actually it would be a better move for her to cover every AKB48 songs in Enka lol Wasamin(^^)!

Before I listened to the song, I thought this is a Enka-style song because it’s title has a sound…. how to put it? …. that is very much quaint lol

Ballad is nice but I also wanted to see her sing songs that have  “The idol” taste, such as Sashihara or Mayuyu are doing in their solo work…..