Intriguing Relationship of Tomochin and Nyan

  July 1, 2012
“It’s really like Kojima. I appreciated it.”

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(Their relationship? I can’t think of anything right now….)

I think probably they have few episodes which can make Otas interested.
They really don’t have that much deep episodes like AtsuMayu.

Hey Mariko, you gotta take a responsibility to start this thread which seems like a complete fail!

It’s not about how they were good friends or had fights for around 7 years, it’s about their bond from both of them having reached this point.

Oshima: “Kojiharu’s nickname of ‘Nyan Nyan’ is girlish, but her character is actually very plain and handsome.”

Itano: “She is not the kind of person who gets clingy in a human relationship. She doesn’t seem to be really interested in people (laughs). But she’s aware of her surroundings and goes on with a ‘My Pace’ (doing things at one’s pace) feel.”

Oshima: “She has a sharp mind. So I feel that she isn’t truly a tennen (natural airhead). (laughs) But she’s not unpleasant, she’s kind.”

Itano: “I feel comfortable around her. She’s good at reading the situation. And she always looks cheerful.”

Oshima: “Yep, yep. That’s it. I feel sleepy (laughs).”

Tomochin will explain about the true faces of the AKB members!
Kojima Haruna is… a funny person (laughs). Her sense of retorting back at people is funny, I find her knowledge is surprisingly abundant!
She is knowledgeable in many areas, but she is not a kind of person who shows off it, but rather when people are talking on a certain topic, she’ll gently tell some trivia on the topic, like “I heard that thing is actually ○○”. 

On an earlier “AKB to XX”, the engawa sushi that Tomochin got, she gave to Nyan Nyan because “Nyan Nyan likes engawa, so I’ll let you have it~” That act really left an impression on me.

↑This is the most important episode so far.

She also wasn’t really part of Shukan AKB’s test of courage thing, yeah?
But atmosphere between the two is sort of laid-back, and lovely.

I would like to observe the two of them in a room alone together.

Nothing will probably happen in the room.

The two of them were extraordinarily excited about forming the Hell Team together, at the Guam Shukan AKB.

↑Yeah, both were naturally cute!
In that test of courage thing in Guam, Mariko and Kojiharu were like older sisters of Tomochin as they were sweetly making fun of Tomochin, and it was so heart warming.

That three sisters were really cute.
Kojiharu was bravely moving forward while timid Tomochin was holding Mariko’s hand whole time lol

It’s still funny after years has passed!!

↑I watched this for the first time.
It looks they are having so much fun!

 x2 Itano-san is so handsome that she drink up the beverage which contains a Frog doll inside for the sake of all other members.

Chintomo-san has become to call Kojiharu, NyanNyan recently, but I actually liked that she had continued to call her Haruna for a while after everyone started calling her NyanNyan. 

Because it seems that both of them have few friends in AKB48, even though they’ve been together for 6 years with other original members, I can’t picture they are very close to other original members…..
Itano・・・Atsuko, Takamina, Miyazawa, Minegishi, Kitahara
Kojima・・・Mariko, Takamina, Minegishi, Yuko, Sashihara
I’ve only seen them frolicking to these members…. and yeah, I’m a newbie of AKB….

↑0 out of 100!
You know nothing about them!!!!

Look carefully at them on the tiered platform in “Takamina vs Akichan” episode of Shojiki Shogi!!
Sittin next to each other, they never missed the chance to frolic each other!

Additional information: In the first article of Tomochin’s column in ViVi,
She named Acchan, Yuko, Haruna and Tomo~mi as “Members she frequently go shopping with”

In the entry scene of this year’s Kohaku, they are walking down the stairs, holding their hands each other~~~

From PV and Shojiki Shogi,
Things they have in common

・Original members
・Doing things at their own pace.
・They’ve been in this business before joining AKB48.
・They rarely show off their efforts.
・They rarely say something like “I actually had/have tough times….”
・They rarely cry compared to other members.
・They somehow look cold/cool.(But actually not)
・They rarely appeal that they are close to particular member (But they are frequently on the topics of other members like “I went to XX with Kojiharu/Tomochin~~~”)
・They have decent level of skill.
・Their looks are highly appreciated.
・They are popular, but not standing out in AKB48.
・They relatively have many Non-AKB48 work compared to other members.
・They have few Anti (Tomochin used to have a lot of Anti, but she has dramatically decreased her Anti over these years)
・They have less virgin vibes.

Their conversation on twitter.
Their lovely exchange of souvenirs.
Their comments on each other on interviews conducted by various magazines etc.
They are frolicking each other when they are sitting on a tiered platform.
They frequently gather up with original members.
Though they actually have a close relationship, somehow it’s rarely seen in videos or audios.

↑Maybe they are in relationship?

We don’t need words to describe their relationship.


Kya~~~ ( 〃▽〃)

I love this one. It somehow looks like that Nyan keeps watchful eyes on Tomochin to protect her~~

NyoroChin is coming~~~!!

In the report of Ghost Minami, Tomochin laughed when Nyan said “I’ll be taking Bento~~~”, and I really love this scene…..!!
Can you understand my feeling???

↑Well, I vaguely remember the scene. lol I will check it again!


( *`ω´) Nyaro~~~~!!

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↑One word: Both are so cute.

↑Both are so cute. Somehow I liked the 4th photo so much!!

↑x2 (Happy cry!)
Double NyanNyan (cats) are so cute!

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↑x4 I don’t know in what situation they took the photo but I like the 4th photo.

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I spotted 2 angels in the 3rd photo.

↑x2Most of these photos were taken by Mariko, right? lol Mariko-sama GJ!

NyanTomo Subarashii Thread! (What a wonderful thread!)

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After all they have a number of 2shot photos~ lol

They have a same type of mood, I think.
Both girls don’t actively get involved in other people’s affairs, and keep indifferent, which give us cold impression, but….. they have really tender facial expression.
Besides, when I watch TV sometimes the camera takes a close-up of ChinNyaro talking or sitting next to each other…. and it’s so heartwarming that they looks so natural being each other.

They are sitting next to each other.

Whatever, there are a decent number of photos they took together recently~~lol
I hope we can keep this thread alive until they co-star GachiGase 12 days later.
source, Translated by Wingom and Tommy