The Relationship Between Tomochin and Takamina

  May 2, 2012

In the earliest of earliest days, Takamina and Tomochin were always together, always. Almost all Takamina’s Prikura were taken with Tomochin. They often went out together around Shibuya.
But after 2gen entered AKB, Tomochin was attached to Tomo~mi and Takamin’s position was replaced by Chuu. After Tomochin was transferred to HoriPro agency, they became completely the closest friend but it’s all because they belong to the same agency, they could frequently meet each other. Since Horipro’s style is different from Production Ogi (Takamina’s agency).
They looked very intimate even during the time period when people rumored that they’re not friends anymore.
Tomochin uploaded 2-shot photos with Takamina or Takamina’s photos on he blog. SHe also went to Karaoke with Takamina, Acchan and Miichan.
But it’s true that the chance we see them together has dramatically decreased.

Since about 2008, we started to see AtsuMina (Acchan & Takamina) a lot, and I don’t know why but Atsuko tried hard to please Takamina (Making Rinatin Cookie, Mille Crapes etc.)

In 2009, when Tomochin suffered harsh bashing from Anti and Media, it was Takamina who supported and cheered upTomochin.
According to Tomo-Oshi, the turning point was 23th Aug 2009, when it’s announced Tomochin is to move to team K. Tomochin started to carefully pay attention to Takamina to learn how to lead a team.
Right before Tomochin’s first show in team K, Takamina called Tomochin to encourage her, Takamina was crying.
During the show, Tomochin also burst into tears as she remembered Takamina’s words.

Tomo realized it’s Takamina who have lead her to this point and felt sad that she no longer can’t meet Takamina like she used to be when both were in team A.

When AKB has started become very busy, Tomochin again get mentally fragile but it’s again Takamina who was by her side, encouraging her. (Go to see nightscape, dinner together etc.)

Especially around when she made solo debut and people started bashing the enormous promotion she got, Tomochin was really distressed.

Both Takamina and Tomochin prefer to go out to play with only each other without other members.
But since both don’t write about their date on their blog, so we have no idea what’s going on between them.

By the way, Takamina and Tomochin have actually similar personality.
Tomochin is lachrymose and exciting like Takamina.
And both have filthy mouth lol though they became milder over these years.

When you be conscious about their relationship you may be aware how they are getting along with, but since they rarely appeal it, we tend to surprise by the fact.

Before 2009, Tomochin often said Takamina is cold, or offensive. (Because they are friends she didn’t reserve straightforward words.)

But after Tomochin joined team K, these two have been like a sweet couple.
Look, whenever Takamina failed her gag, Tomochin laughs so hard even when it’s only her laughing at Takamina’s joke.

Tomochin is also one of few members who see Takamina as a gril, not only as a energetic leader.
Tomochin loves to observe tiny Takamina moving around briskly.
Takamina is always reserved to reveal Tomochin’s real character because she knows Tomochin enjoys playing a cool character as a professional.
But actually Takamina is smiling in her mind that Tomochin can’t fully play a cool character.

Tomochin also hate or scared to wake up Takamina because she is a wild riser.

Definitely Tomocin is jealous of Paruru….

Tomochin is laughing at Mariko’s joke on Takamina like a Goddess!


Nobody can deny the fact Takamina is willingly kissing Tomochin (jk (>ω<))
Yuko…. lol She looks like she knows everything…
Since they are in different teams and can’t often meet, they look so intimate when they could meet after a long separation….
LoL Tomochin “I won’t let you take my Takamina!!”
Why Takamina is closing her eyes!?
Because the word “Takamina” means a child who sleep everywhere. (<-total lie lol)
This is da best~~
Chin usually says she don’t like to kiss members but I found she has a BIG EXCEPTION!!!
Acchan vs Tomochin, Tomo~mi vs Takamina !!!!!!!!!!!!! For those who know this complicated relationship, these pictures just arouse anxiety… lol
From Takamina’s rare G+ post!
I don’t know who is the other person… Acchan?

I love Takamina and Tomochin….