Letter From Acchan To Takamina

  April 25, 2012
Acchan sent her message letter for Takamina’s Birthday Celebration Festival in AKB Thatre on 18th Apr. Since Acchan wasn’t in Tokyo, Miichan read the letter on her behalf.

To Takamina

Takamina, happy 21th birthday.

I’m sorry that I can’t be there. I wanted to go there!! I wanted to see your face.

When I was going to write a message for Takamina, I found it was very hard to think of proper words.

We had sea of events together, and for me who’ve been relaying on Takamina all the time, it can’t be enough just to say “Thank you” or “Sorry”.

When I announced my graduation, I said “I’m gonna say” only to Takamina.

Thank you Takamina for embracing my decision. Thank you for being next to me.

When AKB is having tough time, there’s always Takamina, includes everyone, leads everyone.
Takamina always put members first.

But… I’m sorry that I’m always let you do all the work as a captain..

Like you’ve been always beside me, I want to be beside you too.

Because that’s the only thing I can do for you…

So, don’T forget that I’m always be with you. Please think I’m always with you.

Takamina… I want you realize your dream.
Because… Takamina can be anything you dream about.

I’m being your most intensive fan. I’m gonna never lose to anybody else. when it comes to being Takamina fan.

I am having so much imagination on this already… I’m looking forward to it so much.

After announced graduation, I think I will have less chance to be with you than I used to do, but Takamina, have a lot of, a lot of memories together.

Have too many joyful memories, a lot, a lot of memories together.

I know you already know this, I love you SO MUCH Takamina.

I love you.


In response to everyone’s warm messages, at this stageTakamina spoke to Everyone Who Have Supported Her.