Tomochin’s Live Performance At Music Station Drew Bashing From Haters

  April 28, 2012
AKB48 Tomochin’s performance in Music Station made a little sensation among Japan’s online forum that her live-solo-performance revealed how she is unprepared as a professional singer.

板野 生歌 投稿者 acsiv0

At this point it is no surprise that there are tons of AKB haters, but most of the time they don’t bash AKB without any reason. If there’s bashing, most probably they are raising good points for members to find what is bad and help them improve their performance skills. The problem is that since it’s online, anonymous world, their criticisms are really harsh.
Haters comments include “If you sing live, not lip-syncing, them you must do necessary practice!” “That was awful… That was like a public execution…” “It’s good enough for amateur’s performance!” “LoL she was trying so hard to not to get out of rhythm in slow-tempo part!” “Her voice is thin. Completely lacks volume.” “Why Itano is made to sing flat song all the time? Maybe because her vocal range is narrow?” “It’s worse than high-school students’ Karaoke at school festivals” “For me she looked trying so hard not to be out of tune, which was very cute. But the cruel truth is if she were not a member of AKB, she had zero chance t have a chance to make solo debut as a singer….”
Tomochin’s bashing mirrors the fact Miichan is enormously popular in online forum users. While Tomochin has built up her success by her nice sense of fashion and confident but tender personality, Miichan has a real skill of Dancing, Singing and talking while looking wise she looks like Neko.
Life is always tough, and she may have tons of homework to be a successful singer or whatever, but having tons of haters means that you are famous and recognized by many people, and I believe you will some day show us undeniable performance!!

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