Ranking: The Most Popular Song Performed By Female Idols In Japanese Pop Music History

  April 6, 2012

Rekochoku, Online Ringtone-Song Store, announced the ranking of “The Most Popular Song Performed By Female Idols In Japanese Pop Music History”. The voting was conducted at their website and total 1,351 votes were cast. The Top-5 results are blow. It’s a bit surprise that AKB48 doesn’t dominate the ranking, and Morning Musume stack up to them. But guys, take it easy… With only 1,351 votes for the survey conducted by one particular website this result is by no means reflecting the general figure. But…. honestly…. after a decade, Morning Musume still sounds fresh!!

And it’s very interesting 4 of top 5 songs are released in either 2000 or 2010. After they peaked in 2000, Morning Musune has been in steady deline, and now they are far behind AKB48 in the game. As Atsuko Maeda leaving the group, naturally we can’t help thinking whether the same thing happens to AKB48 or not.

No.1 ” Heavy Rotation” AKB48 (「ヘビーローテーション」AKB48)  17th!!  8.2010
(This video, which has caused grave mis-perception from majority of American that AKB48 is for pedophiles, is linappropriate to Japanese eyes too. But Katy Perry had a similar PV, didn’t her?)

No.2 “Love Machine” Morning Musume ( 「LOVEマシーン」モーニング娘。 )  9.1999

3. “Ikuze! Kaitoh Shojo” Momoiro Clover ( 「行くぜっ!怪盗少女」ももいろクローバー )  5.2010

4. “Aitakatta” AKB48 (「会いたかった」AKB48)  6.2006
 (AKB48’s Debut Single from Major Label!!! You can’t listen to this without having teary eyes….)

Stage Act
5.  “Renai Revolution” Morning Musume (「恋愛レボリューション21」モーニング娘。)  12.2000

But what is the point these songs are not in the ranking!!!!! (And who the heck is momoiro-clover!?!?! I’ve  even heard their name!!!)

“EverydaKachūsha (=Alice band)” AKB48 (「Everyday、カチューシャ」AKB48) 21th!!  5.2011

(Tomochin!! 4:17 is a rare moment of all 3 Ace of AKB48, SKE48 and NMB48 are together in a screen)

“Ponytail to Chuchu” AKB48 (「ポニーテールとシュシュ」AKB48)  16th!!  5.2010
(IMHO, this is the best song of AKB48 or of all girls pop group in the history)

“Sakura no Ki ni narou” AKB48 (「桜の木になろう」AKB48)  20th!!   2.2011
(Now, after the announce of Acchan’s graduation, I can’t see anything in the screen…. full of tears..)

“Beginner” AKB48  18th!!  10.2010
(Can you see Jurina Matsui?)

“Ogoe Diamond” AKB48 (「大声ダイアモンド」AKB48)  10th!!  10.2008
(First appearance of Jurina Matsui in AKB48’s song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

“Zyunen Zakura” AKB48 (「十年桜」AKB48)   11th!!  3.2009
(What you’ve accomplished in the last decade, and what you want to for the next decade? )

“Namida Surprise” (「涙サプライズ」AKB48)  12th!!  6.2009
(We are so happy to live the same time period with you, Jurina….)