Tomochin Doesn’t Get AkiP’s Dipction Of Triangle-Relationship

  April 24, 2012

After 10 months of the release of her previous solo single Fuini, Tomochin hit the music scene with her highly anticipated new single Zyunengo no Kimihe. Music itself has completed this Feb already, but lyric was taking a long time to be finalized, making Tomochin asked AkiP “Please write lyric fast!” on our paper issued 14th Feb.

Finally-arrived lyric is depicting a man fall in love with his girlfriend’s friend. Title of the song appeared in this line of lyric “I’ll be waiting for you until ten years later, even thought you take a side trip with someone else on the way..” singing the state of the man, who doesn’t give up her and keep embracing his love toward her.

Looking back her first impression of the lyric, Itano said “Because this song is about broken heart, I thought this was going to be darker. But unexpectedly it turned out to be a positive song.” Even so, the lyric of the song left her an impact. She said “I’ve rarely sung about triangle-relationship so far…. If someone you fell in love with was your friend’s girlfriend, don’t you think normally people give up her? If she were the girl you were once in relationship, then he may have a chance ten years later, but since they weren’t, I think he has little chance to be with her.” with a wry smile.

She added “If it were me, I would never fall in love with my friend’s boyfriend.”

Source Sponichi

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Tomochin sings Yokaze no Shiwaza (It’s night wind’s doing) from AKB’s Kohaku Taikou Utagassen 2011 DVD <-(I'm not sure why this isn't yet removed...)

AKB48 Live – Yokaze no Shiwaza (Kohaku 2011)… 投稿者 yic17

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