JKT48 in AEON Environmental Foundation Event

  July 25, 2012
On July 15th 2012, JKT48 participated on a social activity held by AEON Environmental Foundation. The title of the event was Mangrove untuk Menghijaukan Bumi (Mangrove for a Green Earth). AEON (Japanese mega shopping mall developer) Environmental Foundation itself is a non-governmental organization in Japan which focuses on global conservation activities and has a number of project in several countries all over the world.

Below is the video of the event:

After the initial introduction by Rena and Ayana, Melody explained about the program and what they did during the event. The group helped plant mangrove on wetlands and Melody said that this was a form of good relations between Japan and Indonesia. The event also teaches the public that it is important to plant trees as the lungs of the world, since the agricultural lands around the world is decreasing. She also said that it is important to keep the world green.

During the video, other member, Nabilah, also commented that she wanted to plant Rabbit Tree to grow rabbits and Carrot Tree so that the rabbits will eat carrots.

Youtube comments:

“I want to plant, planting rabbit, so that the rabbit… *thinking* planting carrot tree, so that the rabbit eat carrots”

“I want to, want to save money… oops, rather, I want to plant trees,,, rabbit trees so that it will grow rabbit”


Rabbit tree? Only Nabilah -with the ending “H”- and God know what that is -____-

lol so carrots are trees??

Melody majored in agriculture, of course she loves agriculture hahaha 😀

JKT48 is the best
Not only the routines but apparently they also did social activities like this. This is a noble event. #gogreen #stop global warming

source: Youtube and AEON Environmental Foundation official site, written by Eshtar