Akimoto Yasushi ‘I’m Looking Forward to Legend of Sashihara Rino again in Hakata’

  June 17, 2012

From Bakusyo Mondai’s Nichiyou Sunday (aired on June 17)

Summary of AkiP’s talk

・He had an idea of her 2nd single, Mukouda Maki (the character she played in TV Drama Muse no Kagami) vs Sashihara Rino (abandoned idea because of the alleged scandal)

Sashihara is Kan-Buri (Japanese amberjack caught in the cold winter. The colder, the more fat it puts). The more hardship, the more fat she puts. I personally think people are expecting her saying “What the heck is this~??” when she was forced to do some ridiculous things.
If she completed her mission in HKT, then I will send her to Moscow. And fans are expecting her saying “Why the heck should I go to Moscow~~~;_;”, I think.

・Even people in Ota-production were surprised with her transfer to Hakata. But as long as she is in AKB48 group, I take a control of her. You know, I can’t order Acchan to move to Jakarta after she graduates lol

So what makes AKB so attractive is the fact that even normal girls can be it’s members. But of course not everyone can be a star like Maeda Atsuko. 
But then there is Sashihara.
Even Sashihara can be 4th in the election….. and that is what encourages ordinary girls.

・So an ordinary girl, Sashihara could make it to 4th with the support of everybody.

And we were expecting in the next election she may then make it in top3, and continue her breakthrough…. but despite all the expectation, things turned out like this.
But if you ask me, I would say this incident tells how Sashihara is about.
So she gotta start over to make whole new “legend” of Sashihara.

・When she was asked if she had sex with the person, she denied.

But I’m not trying to ask her about every detail of the article, like… “which points are true? And which are false?”
 I don’t know to which extent the article wrote truth, but I made this decision of her transfer because of the fact that she made all fans uneasy.

・Ohta (Bakusyou Mondai) “”After striving hard in Hakata, she will make teary come-back to AKB48″ Actually do you have a scenario like this?”

I don’t have that kind of scenario in mind, and I have no idea what it will turn out.

・Ohta (Bakusyou Mondai) “HKT fans are not so impressed with her transfer and probably gonna be very cold to her.”

But I guess Sashihara wouldn’t hesitate to thrust herself into it, and end up being approved lol
You know, Sashihara shines when she has to take on irrational ordeal.

Sashi Ota’s comments on Sassy fan thread

Source HKT48 Sashihara Rino aka Sassy fan threadHKT48 Sashihara Rino aka Sassy live commenting thread

Uhmm…. Hataka….
I hope fans will accept Sashihara….. and fans of Sashihara may also need to improve their attitude….

This is AkiP’s own way to express his love for Sashiko, I guess….
Sassy’s transfer will have a good influence on members of HKT…. like “Wow this is the AKB’s move!!!”

I know Sashiko will definitely put everything into it.
Her legend (episode 2) has already begun.

It looks like, after all, AkiP wants Sassy to come back to AKB48?

So, after all, she can keep being Hetale, and if several years later Sashiko wins the election, legend of Sashiko will be completed. It’s gonna be truly like “Documentary”.

Anyway, if he left HKT as it is, they would never see the light of sun….
As it was rumored that they would send top members of AKB48, like Mariko-sama, Yukirin or Umechan, as guests in HKT’s Stage…. (so Sashiko’s transfer may make sense)

I think HKT can use this surprise to get recognized by fans.
Honestly, with current level of their popularity, they would most likely to be dwindling even if their Stage performance was amazing.
It’s hard to become major music act by just working hard when they are based in Hakata, even if they have many talented members.

I heard tons of voices like you, but people pay close attention to Sashiko but not HKT members. After all, this whole thing is Sashiko’s story, including HKT.
That is what AkiP’s remark conveyed us.

I can understand your sentiment but if there really are members who have strong ambition in HKT48, they will dare to break themselves into the spotlight.
Though, it’s all up to how ambitious members of HKT are.

Actually, it was an enough lip service to cure almost dying Sashi Ota…..

Wait… though I did listen to the radio, I couldn’t have an impression that he would continue intensive promotion for her.

Yeah…. if you normally interpret his words, AkiP meant he has no intention to bring Sashihara back to AKB.

Yasusu….. lol
He talked too honestly…. lol
It was so interesting.

He didn’t mention much about her 2nd single.
As long as what he talked in this show is true, I can have an impression that he does have an intention to work with her.

What caught my attention was this word from AkiP, “She may be selected for Senbatsu in HKT.”
So he does have a plan to release HKT’s single with Sashiko as one of it’s members.
The thing is how HKT members and fans will think about this…..
She gotta prove that she deserves it by her contribution to HKT…