The miracle of Rino Sashihara: From 2.5 Seconds to National Idol

  May 9, 2012

Sashiko’s face has finally been widely recognised as she has starred popular afternoon TV show Waratteiitomo since last October and frequently guests other non-midnight TV programs over these months. If AkiP’s understanding on Sashiko is correct, and Sashiko will bever give up walking forward  the way paved in front of her, she may be able to forge her own unique path that is different from any other AKB members.

Her unique personality can been in her wastefully talented way of agitation she frequently showed during the promotion of her solo debut single Soredemo Sukidanyo, for instance in the talk battle against Nogizaka46 or surprise appearance at Momo-Clo’s concert to ask them to participate in Sashihara-Produced Yubi-Matsuri. She is also famous for her Hetale character. Her uniqueness as an entertainer is that though she possesses these two polar opposite characters, we can’t expect which character she draw out for each moment. But it looks Sashiko herself can’t control her characters which pop up randomly, and somehow this Sashiko being uncontrollable of herself turned out to be really attractive to many people.

Sashiko’s situation now is kind of like Acchan a little while before. She has tons of haters, she is favored by AkiP a lot, many people say she is ugly (while there’re also many people who say she is cute). And both have dark mood even though they are idols who present colorful stages. The only difference may be Sashiko is not only favored by AkiP but a lot of TV producers like to cast her in their programs because of her versatile skill that she can make funny comment in really professional, bold tone, which Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, host of legendary interview TV show, complimented, saying “She has amazingly threatening voice, while actually she is still unconfident 19 y/o girl. I’ve never seen an idol like you!”