2nd May Battle: Rino Sashihara Fights Back Against Nogizaka46 With 33 Virtual Date Visuals

  April 3, 2012

Fight between Sashiko (Rino Sashihara 指原莉乃) and Nogizaka46 gets once again more cruel.

Before we reported,

Today, Nogizaka hit back with a big announcement.Their next PV will be made up of visual of virtual dating with all of it’s 33 members. Wow. Each of 33 visual will be directed by different creators.Visual for Rina Ikoma, who were at center for the 1st sinle, is directed by Photographer Yuki Aoyama. Aoyama was also a photographer for Rino Sashihara’s 1st photobook. Sayaka Arimoto, who won gold prize at Cannes international Ads festival, will direct the visual for Marika Ito. 

Sashiko’s first solo single was reported to feature 3 different character she plays in PV. But things don’t end at this level. Today’s announcement says the single comes with 33 different visuals of virtual dating with Sashiko. 33, the number is identical with the number of Nogizaka46’s virtual dating visuals. Of course it’s intentional since both are produced by AkiP (:  
According to TV-Asahi‘s article,

Nogizaka46’s single, which goes on sale on the same day, already announced that 33 types of virtual dating visuals come with the record. To fight back this move, Sashiko’s single also comes with 33 visuals of virtual dating with Sashiko. Actually, filming was conducted in Feb and Mar, in various spots in Tokyo, such as EuroSpace Shibuya, Tokyo Tower, Hanayashiki, Sasazuka Bowl, AKB CAFE, National Museum.

Another article from Nikkan Sports says,

As Nogizaka46 occupying the whole media with their announcement of  wonderful bonus visuals, Sashiko managed to spare her time from her gruelingly tight schedule and fight back with 33 patterns of visuals, which were filmed in only 3 days. Some says she’s copying Nogizaka46’s action. But of course, Sashiko is serious. She does anything to win this fight.


By the way Nikkan Sports is tabloid paper, so don’t take their words too seriously. They tend to write in very fan and captivating way.

Rino Sashihara’s solo debut single “Soredemo Sukidayo” (それでも好きだよ I love you nonetheless) and Nogizaka46’s 2nd single “Oide Shampoo” (おいでシャンプー Come on shampoo) are on sale 2nd May. Pre-order already started at Amazon.