Will Supre Cute Girls Group Nogizaka46 Dominate AKB48???

  April 2, 2012
Rina Ikoma (center)
Nanami Hashimoto (fashionista)

Some fans project that Nogizaka46 will exceed AKB’s popularity this year. Whether it would be true or not, Nogizaka46’s distinctive ‘Girly’ character has been captured many fans heart.

Several years ago, when AKB48 still perform only at their Akihabara AKB theater, people laughed off the thought that AKB48 someday will beat Morning Musume and dominates Japanese music scene and their music go beyond Japan to the world. Well, today, people laugh off those people who couldn’t understand AKB48’s potential in their early days.

Given the fact that there is Sony behind Nogizaka46, and Sony betting almost everything on this group, these speculation actually makes sense.

Like Janny’s or Korean pop groups, AkiP’s idea may be leveraging  AKB families each other, and dominating World with Japanese girls pop group. He even suggested he can do it the same thing in other parts of Asia, say, HK or Singapore, or Indonesia. The project hasn’t fully started just because he’s been too busy, instead he put everything on Japanese Market for now.

Yumi Wakatsuki
At press event for 1st Single release

Their 2nd single will be released on 2nd Mar, marking the first Sunday of coming 4 consecutive AKB family’s single releases.
2nd Mar   Nogizaka46
9th Mar    NMB48    “Nagi-Ichi”
16th Mar  SKE48
23th Mar  AKB48