Faceoff!! Nogizaka46 vs Rino Sasihara (AKB48)

  March 31, 2012

As her popularity seems never stop rising, Rino Sashihara of AKB48 will release her first solo single on 2th Mar, which is… exactly the same data Nogizaka46 release thier 2nd single.

By the way, where the name of NOGIZAKA comes from? Nogizaka is a address name, where Sony Music Entertainment has it’s recording studio, which was the venue for final audition for the group.
SO.. why 46? 46 implicitly describes their attitude that even though they have fewer members than AKB, they can do it at the same level.
Of course this group is also produced by AkiP, the producer of AKB family.
The difference between the two groups are

1. Record labels are different.
2. Nogizaka46 doesn’t have a exclusive theater for them.
3. Nogizaka46 doesn’t belong to AKB family, instead they are supposed to be Rival of AKB. (according to AkiP)

But basically, their songs are pretty much similar, since their producer is same…

Anyway, as we posted before, Rino Sashihara of AKB, aka Sashiko, will play 3 different roles in PV of her solo debut single.
Here is Teaser of PV.

Jacket photos are also dropped already, which can be seen here.

Today, Nogizaka hit back with a big announcement.
Their next PV will be made up of visual of virtual dating with all of it’s 33 members. Wow. Each of 33 visual will be directed by different creators.
Visual for Rina Ikoma, who were at center for the 1st sinle, is directed by Photographer Yuki Aoyama. Aoyama was also a photographer for Rino Sashihara’s 1st photobook. Sayaka Arimoto, who won gold prize at Cannes international Ads festival, will direct the visual for Marika Ito.

Nogizaka46 is also expanding their exposure in TV. Just one month after the release of their first single, Nogizaka got regular TV spot in Tokyo Television network, which will start 2th Apr.

So who will be the winner of this single battle?
Here are first week sales of some of AKB members’ solo debut singles.

Atsuko Maeda      ‘Flower’                  June 2011    177K copies
Tomomi Itano        ‘Dear J’                   Jan 2011     163K copies
Mayu Watanabe   ‘Syncro Tokimeki’   Feb 2012    123K copies

While debut sales of other girls groups are like this.

NMB48         ‘絶滅黒髪少女’       June 2011    218K copies
Nogizaka46    ‘ぐるぐるカーテン’   Feb 2011     136K copies

You know what? Bottom line is… this is gonna be so unpredictable. Maybe that’s why AkiP deliberately chose the same release date :))


Like “Kami7” (Goddess Seven) of AKB48, top 7 members of Nogizaka46 are called “Shichifukuzin” (Seven Lucky Gods)