Mitsumune, Kojima Natsuki, Takahashi Juri etc, junior members have responded to Study Abroad program

  July 21, 2012

Oshima Yuko

I want to Study Abroad!

But, Europe or the US would be nice( ̄ー ̄)

Murashige Anna

Yuko has come━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!

I LOL’d because Yuko said it honestly…

Yeah…Yuko has this kind of personality…. lol

Oshima Yuko
But,I want to be able to appear as an actress in Chinese movies. So I want to learn and remember Chinese…

↑ You added such a nice word.

LOL She added the word because she realized she spoke too honestly??

Yasusu: “Yu~~ No Yuko!! You’re not (included in this program). Gosh~~(OAO)!”

Mitsumune Kaoru 19:24
Overseas…. KKS can’t apply to this?

Mitsumune Kaoru
I want to go,
But… I am enjoying life (in Japan) so much now

The ambitious girl has come━━(゚∀゚)⌒Y⌒(。A。)⌒Y⌒(゚∀゚)⌒Y⌒(。A。)⌒Y⌒(゚∀゚)━━!!!

Mittsu is coming━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!

Mittsu might be unexpectedly suitable for this

Naana “I want to go too!”

It will make the members who is troubled, suffering…

as usual, I love that part of that ambitious girl

Mittsu is still unable to do it but, if it’s not someone like Mittsu who can give impact, the studying aboard plan won’t be successful

Members like Matsubara or Nacchi maybe should raise their hands.
They will not have a bright future if they just keep doing the same thing.

Micha also should be on the move.

↑Wait…. so the title of the concert tour (“Nonaka Misato on the move”) is named for this project!?!? lol

Kojima Natsuki 20:04
I saw Akimoto sensei’s post!

Study Abroad……
I’m definitely interested in it!

I’m currently in the 3rd year of senior high, and I do think a lot about what I should do for my career.

I even have a great interest in Chinese, so I’d like to give it a go…
that is what I have to say.

I wonder if Akimoto sensei will read this??

Kojima Natsuki 

↑She has come….!!!

Nattsun is a precious talent as she has such gorgeous breasts….

Nattsun!! There are many things (mainly Gravure) left for you to do in Japan!!

You guys look like only worried about Nattsun’s Oppai!!!

If they can experience overseas for half a year or one year,
I think young girls should join this program even by taking a leave from school

If Japanese TV follows how they are doing in overseas groups, it would be a good chance.
But just going overseas group without any particular follow-up would mean a demotion.

Either way, they should give a lot of thoughts before they make a decision.
It’s not something that they can decide in a minute.

So it seems like only promising members expressed their will to join this program…. lol

Oshima Yuko 20:14

No one has responded to the program, right? Well, I see.
Merida will open starting from today!
It’s fine even if you guys watch the subtitled one, just watch it, okay? lol

↑Yuko….. lol

Haha, she can’t find their posts when she only have 49 people in her G+ circle…..

Senior members, like Mariko or Yuko….. there’s a sheer distance between them and junior members.

I wonder if Yuko would like to propose for Takajo or Kitahara
Looks like the young one there start thinking in a weird way

I wonder if Nattsun is in her circle

And Yuko handsomely used this as a chance to advetise herself (that she wants to appear in the chinese films)

Mitsumune Kaoru 20:26
I want to go to the direction that others don’t go.
It’s a wishful thinking? I am not facing the reality?

Mitsumune Kaoru
Please wait for a while. I will make my decision after I reconsider and give it a serious thought.

↑No. I think your remark is so cool.

↑I think adults won’t let Mittsu go….

↑x3 I don’t think you’re avoiding from facing the reality, but you’re still KKS
So you need to make a steady progress before you take a risky leap.

Mitsumune…… somehow I feel that she is so cool!!

Shimada Haruka 20:32
Study Abroad…

I’m really interested in that.

I want to learn English. In middle school I only studied a bit of it while in Canada.

I want to study Chinese. I’m currently learning it in Uni, but honestly I’m not really progressing with it.
I can’t really put the words into sentences…

What do I do?

I want to hear so many things from Akimoto sensei in regards to this Program.

LOL Shimada….

Uruse~yo!!! (You Shut Up!)

Oh… alright, Shimada….. good luck….

Shimada Haruka

I can take a temporary leave from university.
I want to learn many things
yeah, I want to learn a lot of things for the sake of my future and achieving my dream

↑This girl….. This girl is thinking about it seriously

↑x2 Yeah, she is serious about this….

I think it would be a nice move for Shimada to go overseas.

Yeah, put aside how the consequence will be, you’d better listen to what they will say.

You guys opposed so much to the idea of Nattsun joining this program….. but it seems that you guys are welcoming the idea if it’s Shimada….

LOL There has been tumultuous opposition to this program, but when it comes to Shimada, why does it suddenly change into welcoming mood…

So GOPAN can be used in China, right?

Shimada, Mitsumune, Kojima Natsuki….
Despite our expectation, I think this trio will be interesting.

Shimada Haruka

I definitely want to learn Chinese.

But that’s not all, if I want to learn Chinese, then I should pay for the expenses for an overseas exchange myself.

But I think that I can learn more as a overseas student.

If Shimada were to go overseas, I may make her my third Oshi.

Mittsu, Nattsun, Shimada…. what are these 3 girls have in common??
They have such a great decision making ability.

↑I think in this case we should say they are lacking in the ability to make a sensible choice.
I think this is not something they can decide like a vertebral reaction….

If they think it would be no good as they have a talk with other people, they can stop it.
I respect them that they can dare to express their will at this point.

Shimada-san…. Kakkoii ‘(Handsome)

Akimoto, “It’s no one but young people? Why does it end up like this…”

I can picture that several years later, Shimada is driving a buggy like a hell across wilderness of China with mohawk hairstyle, putting on shoulder pads.

Mitsumune Kaoru 20:55
Just after my previous post, I got a mail from my friend that says, “you just wanted to say something cool, right?” lol

It may not be wrong, but for instance, with such mind, to go overseas, have a tough experience, hit the ceiling when you’re young, I think this would be an opportunity to grow…..?? What do you think?

But as I said, there are a lot of things that I can learn as KKS and as a human in Japan.

I think both of them are wonderful.

Mitsumune Kaoru
After all I can’t figure out what I want to do.

So what does Mittsu want to do?? lol

Well unexpectedly Mittsu is actually brave as she can express herself to this degree while members are frightened of being demoted.

Takahashi Juri 21::00
Amo~re, Amore♪♪

The filming has finished!

Having meals with Nagao-san and Kawaei-san(*”*)/

My hairstyle is now like MeiMei~

Studying abroad…

Juri shouldn’t go lol
Though she has the look that may become popular in China lol

Noooo Messi!!

If Messi wants to study abroad, she should go to Spain or Argentina.

That’s another Messi called Lionel lol

If it’s Messi, she should go Europe~~~

LOL So will she go overseas to study football??

Anyway, probably they will never let secondary schoolers join this program lol

Yagishan…. please don’t go…….. (Yagishan: Nagao Mariya aka Mariyagi)

Suzuki Mariya 21:26

I want to study abroad!!

I want to change myself!!
I want to see the new world and meet variety of people!!
I want to have an experience that can rarely have.

It’s wonderful that I can expand my field to all over the world!!

I want to continue acting till I become a old, very old woman, and I think this will be a good experience for it, as well (..)

That’s what I think.。

↑Mariyanne has come━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!!!

The chinch one has come…..

She has surpassed Chikarina’S positiveness.

She has no (unnecessary) hesitation

Yanne is awesome, she is a role model for Hosare.

Yanne’s response sounds the most realistic….

I was thinking that Yanna will probably raise her hand lol

When Yanne responds to this, this program suddenly gets more realistic.

Members who are thinking about their career after AKB take this program serioulsy

↑Yeah that’s an important point.

Yuttan and Mariyannne are now sitting next to each other so i think both of them misunderstand this program.
They may not understand that they will go to AKB’s overseas sister groups.

  Masuda Yuka 21:20

I sit next to Mariyanne in a car on our way back (^∇^)Nyaha

What? Both of them don’t misunderstand anything.

If Mariyanne will go to study abroad,
Perhaps KKS who is very close to Mariyanne will raise her hand, tooo?

And Okaro will run after KK crying.

I cried.

  Suzuki Mariya 21:43
Now I’m not popular at all, still not good at all.

But, I was so happy because you made me make into the election (overseas).
And it’s not that I’m bragging but I think I can’t change anything if I just remain as I used to be, so I want to go overseas and expand my field of activities.

I definitely want to get a lot of opportunities to meet my Japanese fans!!

The place I want to go is China as you might expect!!

↑Yanne, decided.

↑x2 She is completely on it!!Yanne I will gladly send you off!!

Yanne, so she didn’t misunderstand the message.

Mitsumune Kaoru 21:45

As for overseas program, I feel that I am eager to make people recognize me and because I’m overly preoccupied with this, I have made light of other things.

But, I actually don’t understand it quite well lately.

For instance, when I go right, I find things I want to do, when I go left, I find things that I haven’t wanted to do but if I’m told that if I were to do this, people will recognize this, I have a tough time to decide which way to go.

What is “to be recognized” by the way? Why do we consider this is so important?

Just give it a thought now, I started to figure that studying abroad is not a right choice for me.

Sorry for being indecisive. But all of what I wrote are my true thoughts.
Honestly, I still can’t figure out what is the best for me.
But this is a good opportunity to reflect (on my future)!

I have a feeling that I will be scolded from someone. Sorry for posting a lot.

↑So Mittsu managed to hang in. It’s good.

I think it’s a good thing that members can clear up their doubts using G+.
Tanochan is a good example.

For the first time in a long time, I see my G+ stream is filled with such a passionate posts from members

source, Translated and edited by Bryan, Ryosuke, Arthur and Tommy


Kojima Natsuki 25:25
I gave it a lot of thoughts….
And I figured it’s my wishful thinking that I want to study abroad just because I’m interested in Chinese!!

And I have not many things that I can teach to them if I go there.

I have a lot of things to learn now and a lot of things that I must give it my best. Yeah.

I just have to try to put everything into the moment!!