Akimoto Yasushi ‘I’ll start a new Study Abroad Program’

  July 21, 2012

Akimoto Yasushi 7/21 18:45
Oh I remember this…I’m currently in a meeting with the AKB48 Overseas Team.
We’ve decided to establish an “Study Abroad Program”.
Like with Indonesia’s JKT48, Shanghai’s SHN48, Taiwan’s TPE48, etc.
We’ll be having members study abroad to the successively growing groups.
Teaching them, getting taught by them, there will no doubt be many kinds of things to do.

Dear AKB48 members, are there any of you who want to do an overseas exchange?
The exchange period is scheduled to be somewhere between from 6 month to one year.

Akimoto Yasushi 7/12 18:56
This Study Abroad Program will only be available to members who apply.

It will also include doing things with overseas TV stations, so you’ll probably cross the national borders and get all excited.

Oshima Yuko 19:13

I want to do an Study Abroad!

But, Europe or the US would be nice( ̄ー ̄)

Oshima Yuko 19:13

But,I want to be able to appear as an actress in Chinese movies. So I want to learn and remember Chinese…

Oshima on Asadesu:Interviewer: If you were to have one wish to be granted by the forest witch, what would it be?
Oshima: To be able to speak all the languages of the world.
Interviewer: Oh, so no matter which country you visit, no matter who you speak to, you want to be able to speak?
Oshima: How many countries are there?
Interviewer: A large amount, several hundred countries.
Oshima: Several hundred? I want to be able to speak their languages.
Interviewer: So you want to be able to do activities all around the world?
Oshima: Like, I want to speak with them all.

Oshima Yuko 20:14

No one has responded to the Study Abroad, right? Well, I see.
Merida will open starting from today!
It’s fine even if you guys watch the subtitled one, just watch it, okay? lol

Kojima Natsuki 20:04

I saw Akimoto sensei’s post!

Study Abroad……
I’m definitely interested in it!

I’m currently in the 3rd year of senior high, and I do think a lot about what I should do for my career.

I even have a great interest in Chinese, so I’d like to give it a go…
Is what I say.

I wonder if Akimoto sensei will read this??


Shimada Haruka 20:32

Study Abroad…

I’m really interested in that.

I want to learn English. In middle school I only studied a bit of it while in Canada.

I want to study Chinese. I’m currently learning it in Uni, but honestly I’m not really progressing with it.
I can’t really put the words into sentences…

What do I do?

I want to hear so many things from Akimoto sensei in regards to this Study Abroad.

Shimada Haruka 20:37

I definitely want to learn Chinese.
But that’s not all, if I want to learn Chinese, then I should pay for the expenses for an overseas exchange myself.

But I think that I can learn more as a overseas student.

I think there is a plenty of chance to be a star in Taiwan…..
but that means they give up their career in Japan by themselves….

“The exchange period is scheduled to be somewhere between from 6 month to one year.”
↑LOL This is too long.

If there’s a guarantee that they can make a comeback after a half year ~ one year, I think it’s okay to go there.

I think they’d better to do Exchage program not study abroad program.
Let overseas groups members to join AKB48 as well!!

If Members like Okaro will go Jakarta, she will totally feel at home there….

I think Chris (Nakatsuka Tomomi) will be very popular there.

Finally they started “deportation”…..

So as for members who belong to agencies, how will they deal with their agencies intention??

I think they can grow as a human, but as a AKB members, this will put end to their career…

When they come back to Japan…. their juniors are in their positions…


So what’s going on…. What will happen in TOKYO Dome!!!!

While they are abroad, Prikura they took with men in the past will be leaked…..

↑Tragedy in Singapore….. lol

If there’re members who raise their hands with in today, I don’t mind Oshihen.
I will respect them from the bottom of my heart.

source 1 (and G+), Translated and edited by Wingom, Ganita and Tommy