SKE WrapUp: Jurina’s double Seitansai stage schedule, Rena’s risque statement and more

  March 4, 2014

March 8 Double Seitansai Stage Schedule for Jurina

Matsui Jurina Double Seitansai

On March 8, Matsui Jurina will be having the first ever double seitansai (Birthday stage) in one day in 48 Family, with the first one in noon stage of Team S (in Nagoya), and the second on in the night stage of Team K (in Tokyo).

2014.03.08 Team S Stage


Open: 12:10 Curtain rising: 12:30 [Matsui Jurina Seitansai]

Performing Members

Abiru Riho – Ishida Anna – Isohara Kyouka – Ego Yuuna – Ohya Masana – Kizaki Yuria – Gotou Risako – Saitou Makiko – Kito Momona – Deguchi Aki – Nakanishi Yuuka – Matsui Jurina – Mukaida Manatsu – Yakata Miki – Kitano Ruka – Takeuchi Saki

2014 March 8 (Sat) 18:30 (Saishuu Bell ga Naru) Stage


The curtain rising time has been delayed for 30 minutes. Please pay attention.

Matsui Jurina Seitansai
[Ticket Price]
General male 3,000 yen / General female 2,000 yen / Middle highschooler ~ senior Highschooler 2,000 yen/ Children not yet in school Free

Performing Member
Abe Maria – Uchida Mayumi – Oshima Yuko – Kitahara Rie – Kuramochi Asuka – Shimada Haruka – Suzuki Shihori – Chikano Rina – Nakata Chisato – Nagao Mariya – Hirata Rina – Fujita Nana – Furuhata Nao – Maeda Ami – Matsui Jurina – Mutou Tomu – Gotou Moe – Shimoguchi Hinana

Fans Reactions:

So they once again made an outrageous schedule lol
Unbelievable schedule lol
Well, if she took the shinkansen on 3PM, then she will be able to arrive in Tokyo at roughly 5PM... so perhaps she can make it lol
If anything happens to the shinkansen, won't it be disastrous?
She'll definitely be exhausted lol
Certain general manager: 'Seitansai is a challenge to push your limit'
It seems interesting, maybe I should apply for both stage
Yesterday Jurina also had a live recording in Nagoya after she finished a job in Tokyo and after that worked again in Tokyo
Within the concurrent members, she is the one who is the most mobile...
Tokyo to Nagoya
Reference: Distance of Tokyo – Nagoya

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Team E Girls only Stage

March 3 was Team E’s first girls only stage. Not only that Takayanagi Akane came to watch it, it turned into one of the most amusing stage.

– Uncute Idol Nante Yobanaide

This is the normal version of Idol Nante Yobanaide from tumblr User Kakyu



Over-powered Idol Nante Yobanaide by Naruchan:



Rena’s Risque statements ended up getting cut

Nao: “I have something I want Naruchan to say but… ah, as I thought, Rena-san.”
Nao: “Please say “I want to chew you to the bone””
Rena: “I want to suck you to the bone.”

and the members reaction was just as good:

Reaction to Rena

Thankfully, someone filmed the last MC in full so you can watch the whole version of the above happenings here in this video (which includes Miyamae Ami’s “Momona” impressions, another exaggerated version of Idol Nante Yobanaide by Naruchan, Igucchi saying she can’t reach high places, and finally Rena’s risque statements):

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Furukawa Airi's Hiji Matsuri (Elbow Festival) song

Please enjoy Furukawa Airi performing her version of the gag Hiji Matsuri, as uploaded on Google+ by Nakanishi.

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Sato Seira's Graduations


On February 27th, Sato Seira finally had her graduation stage in Team S’s stage, Reset. As a part of the surprise, after Hikkoshimashita, Satou Mieko came and read the letter written by Matsui Rena. After that, there was a video message from former Team KII (Furukawa Airi, Takayanagi Akane, Yamada Reika, Iguchi Shiori, Matsumoto Rina, and Katou Tomoko).


In the end, they also performed Nakama no Uta live as the last show. Sato Seira’s last message was,

“Everyone, let’s meet again somewhere in the future!”

A part of her speech:

Satou Seira

I, myself, more than my graduation or this stage, I’m more worried about everyone else, will everyone will be okay? But by seeing this today, in this stage, to have met such a warm stage, I am very grateful.

During the time Seira got into KII, since Seira loved KII so much, I was thinking of graduating while being in KII and proceed to the next step. However just when I was thinking about it, the shuffle happened and I got into Team S.
At first I was so nervous, but since there are the first generation members and also former KII members, I tried my best and now Team S is a very precious presence.

Yes, you see, I was originally a research student and I couldn’t get into Team S, and there was a vexation that remained, however with me got into S.. to say that it’s an achievement wouldn’t quite fit it but I can say that I think I have come back to a place that I longed for.

On April, I will continue to walk on a new road in Tokyo. I think around that time, just like me, members will also begin a new start.
although stumbling to find you rightful place in an environment that you don’t know at all is a very difficult thing to do, if it is SKE, I am sure you can do it.
If I shall say one thing that will never change, it is that members who undergo concurrency, or even member who got transferred, I think it is the fact that you will remain SKE’s nakama forever.

with every one able to do their activities in such a warm environment called Nagoya, assisted by the warm support of the fans, I am sure from now on too you will grow even bigger.

Everyone, will you support SKE until the very end?

Although Seira can’t be with SKE until the end, I will continue to support SKE together with you.

Today, I think I may be able to graduate in peace.

From now on too, please take care of SKE48.

Also, making use of this opportunity, please don’t forget me, Satou Seira.

Thank you so very much.

Satou Seira has always been known for her gravure photo shoot, especially her swimsuit body. Her chest has been a recurring topic and a subject of interest among the members of SKE48 themselves.

She made a sensation in the Janken Tournament two years ago by coming up the stage with blue swimsuits which earned her a one page of AKB48 Newspaper, even bigger than Watanabe Mayu’s picture. Among fans, her mobile mail is famous for never coming at all. In the whole year from the beginning of 2014 until her graduations, she only sent three mobile mails (with the last two was sent after her graduations stage, before the stage she only sent one mail).

She used to live in SKE House along with other members who came from outside of Nagoya (or too far away from Nagoya) and thus quite close with the members of SKE house, especially fellow Team S Saitou Makiko.

Satou Seira’s dream is to be a gravure model.

Saitou Makiko   03/02 18:18

with the packing finally done, Seirachan is leaving SKE house.

although it isn’t a goodbye,
although it doesn’t mean that we will never meet again but,

It feels like there is a large gaping hole inside of me.



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Takayanagi Akane's official Avex Site!

Takayanagi Akane finally has her official Avex Site! The front photos will be changing every months so please regularly check her sites! Her site can be found in this link:

Takayanagi Akane AVEX Official Site

One of the photos from the front page for February theme

Takayanagi Akane AVEX Official Site

One of the photos from the front page for March theme

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Noguchi Yume's fiery spirit

Noguchi Yume also known as Yumecchi, wrote her feelings in the research student Blog about the recent Grand Reformation. She expressed that she regret the many chances that she let slipped away within the many stages she was given (in 6th Generation members, Yumecchi is the one holding the most under. There was even a time where she performed every day because she undered in all team). She also told how many seniors approached her and consoled her, and she said how once again she was being reminded of how much she loved SKE.


Regular members have their various songs came out in concerts
They also have their personal goods
they could update their blog everyday
they can also have the nation-wide handshake…

As I thought, after all, how jealous I felt..

I solely looked at the letters of S, K2 and E written by the platform

When it neared 9 PM, at the time when I had to go home because of my age,

to me who started to leave, the fans called out, “Yumecchi, hang in there!”

When I heard that,

I deliberately thought,

From now on, what exactly should I try my hardest for?
In the one year span until now, have I even tried my hardest?
Is what I think of [trying my hardest] doesn’t look as like [trying my hardest] to everyone around me?

it was frustrating.

However, when I looked at everyone’s face as I leave, unexpectedly everyone just normally smiling

Is it strange for me to feel this mortified? was what I thought
Am I over thinking things? was what I thought

(After I read various research student blogs, I came to think at how different every members’ thoughts are and I came to understand everyone’s feelings)

After that, somehow all the way home I couldn’t stop my tears.

At any rate, it was very frustrating.

With the many stages that I was allowed to performed in

is the reason why
I was upset at my own pitiful self who isn’t able to make use those many chances

however before I knew it I started to think that this is how reality is.

although the frustration remains…

Because I have had a realistic talked with Kaorisan after,
I turned to think that I am okay in where I am now.

Yuria-san, Mizuho-san,
Akari-san, Airi-san,
Akane-san, Tsuzuki-san…

A lot of seniors and staff encouraged me by saying,
“It’s alright” or “It’s your chance”

Rena-san talked to me that made me able to think, “ah, there is still something buried in me.”

It’s really, really encouraging,
Since it was Rena-san who talked to me, I think I will be able to try my best

and so while I wrote this
As I reminisced, I couldn’t stop my tears (lol lol)

The SKE where there are so many wonderful seniors..
I realized how much I really love SKE

I thought of various things,
about things that happened until now, things that will happen from now on,

The fans that supported me as well…

anyway, after the grand reformation, in SKE, the only team that doesn’t have a concurrent members is the reseach student team.

That is why,  I want us, the Research student, to be able to actively inherit the “SKE-ism” that Satou Mieko-san said during her seitansai.

I think this is the next challenge for the Research student.

Although I know I am not one to say it…

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Inuzuka Asana's Mobile Mail

Inuzuka Asana's Mobame

This mobile mail was sent a day after the reformation. Although it has been a long time ago, but I think it is very important so that everyone will know the feelings of those in Inuzuka Asana, or Wanchan’s, situation.

SOURCEAfter I slept, I managed to sort my emotions, so now I will talk.
Yesterday I didn’t manage to get promoted. It was frustrating.

Although I was happy that Arisa-chan beside me was called it was so frustrating.
Even though It was very complicated feelings, because I have to sit facing right in front of the regular members, and I thought if I cried it would make the 5 girls who have been promoted to feel bad, so I held my tears.

I had a time when I once again came to Shiba-san and asked, “Can I be promoted?”

That time he answered, “If right now Inuzuka can show us that you have grown even more, we will give that to you.”
In the end, I did all I can with the best of my ability.
Moreover, there is a nuance that the draft members will be let to perform on stages like research student,
If I were to be frank, there is a part of me that said, “Why?”

Even so, since I said to myself I will not shed my tears, I tried my hardest not to.
And then, during the time when everyone sang Mae Shika Mukanee at the end
By the time I turned to face the fans, one of the fans called out,
“Wanchan, hang in there, don’t give up!”

At that very moment in my head the many faces and words from my fans resurfaced
I felt so very sorry that I cannot answer to their expectation
and then my tears became unstoppable.
You see what I think of in that time is the fans.
Although I have been told not to say this… because I really love you so, I want to talk about this to the fans that I love so much.

About one and a half year ago I sent a mail from my friend by mistake,
I was suspended by the charge of having a boyfriend
However I was quickly called by the agency; Mail, Line, address list, most frequently called list, and so on, my phone was thoroughly being confirmed. On top of that, they even called that friend who made that mail.

They did everything to confirm things, they even called my parents.

Having my mother said, “I keep in close contact with my family so if she has a boy or not just by a look of her I will know, she definitely has none.” finally the suspension was lifted.
However, I was being told that I shouldn’t apologize to the fans that I’ve been made worried
“Just upload anything unrelated” and so I didn’t apologize.

That really resounded deep in my heart somewhere… that’s why I’m going to say this now
I am really sorry that I have made you worried that time

This is everything that I want to say to you, I am sorry that it became so long
because I think I will regret it if I don’t use this chance…
although I am this awkward but..
I beg of your support.