Our lovely Tano Yuka suggests a new word to replace “釣り (Fish/Flirt)” [4 topics]

  April 26, 2013

0. Our lovely Tano Yuka suggests a new word to replace “釣り (Fish)”

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3. Oshima Ryoka and Fujita Nana dated with AKB48 Alumna Mitsumune Kaoru in Shibuya

Kato Rena 4/25 22:15

Wanna sleep together with me?


Maybe this is a kind of thing that people call 釣り (Fishing-Flirting)? LOL





Fishing or not? No brainer…. This is precisely Fishing! So yeah! Let’s…..

Takeuchi Miyu 4/25 22:18

Yes! Precisely! So yeah Let’s sleep with me, Renachan!
Kojima Natsuki 4/25 22:19

What! I’m gonna!


Soooo many rivals!!!


Takeuchi Miyu 4/25 22:19

LOL Everyone is fished by Renachan~~
Kojima Natsuki 4/25 22:19

Let’s lay down Futon! ♡♡ LOL


I…. I spit my coke all over my keyboard…


Oshima Ryoka 4/25 22:21

Finally even Renacchi-san has learned fishing….


14 years old Oshima Ryoka, who is lovingly called KSGK (Little Shit), tweeted in a calm and professional manner…. LOL

Then suddenly!! The most aggressive opponent of the abuse of the word “Fishing” in AKB48 sphere shows up!!

Tano Yuka 4/25 22:23

This is fishing. Everybody commenting here is fished by her. “Me? No….. NO! I’m not fished!!” Unfortunately, you people who are trying to deny like this are the exactly the people who are fished, beautifully…


She sounds like a middle aged man from Kansai LOL


Tano Yuka 4/25 22:24

Don’t you think we should stop using the word “Fish”?(゜▽゜)

Say…. like “Attracted” sounds better for meヽ(´ー`)ノ LOL


Actually the person who is touted as the most aggressive fisher, Watanabe Miyuki herself doesn’t like to be called she is fishing fans.

Watanabe Miyuki: “Please don’t call me Fisher.”

She says “I’m just trying my best to bring fun to fans. Thus I find it a little weird to call it fishing.

We’re idols, so when we throw a kiss to fans at events like a HS event, it’s just a performance to spice up things. I love to make people enjoy, so just so naturally I do things like that.

So….. I don’t find calling me a fisher pleasing….i”


And quite honestly I think “Tsuri” is a word that sounds sooooo coarse, that I never ever want to use it in real life.

Because I’m putting it as “Fish(ing)” for translation sake, it sounds okay for me – and delivering a mood of Japanese fandom is one thing that makes this website unique, thus I’ve been using this word as often as it’s used in Japanese blogs –

But this is, after all, a dirty slung that a professor at Japanese university where you’re studying may get mad…. like “Who taught you that dirty word!!!!” LOL