Iriyama Anna cleverly made her fans on G+ solve her homework problem (and 2 other topics on Paruru and 14gen)

  July 9, 2012

Iriyama Anna
Elementary and junior high schoolers, do you want to become a high school student? People who are over 18, do you want to return to be a high school student?
You can feel like a high school student when you see this♪
(very rough translation)
You put a spring scale to an object of 4.0 kg, and putt it horizontally. When the scale shows 9.8N, the object started moving. What is the static friction coefficient between a surface and the object

  This is an elaborate way to make us help her homework lol

This is a trap!!

I know the answer but I won’t write it in comments form~~~~♪


Good nostalgia….

Iriyama Anna: “Wha…..what are they asking by ‘static friction coefficient’?? Weight? Newton? Velocity?”

Iriyama Anna: “How come I asked this because I can’t solve this…… No…. No!! This is Quiz!! Quiz!!!!!! 

Iriyama Anna: “Oh I see!!!!!!”

Iriyama Anna: “LOL What is this? It’s so easy!! It’s like my teacher intentionally made it easier!!”
Iriyama Anna: “G-force: g=9.8m/s2”
Iriyama Anna: “Yooo HoooooYYYYY!! Thank you everyone to explain and answer to this!!
What?? This is a Quiz!! Quiz!!!!! It’s QUIZ, right?”
Iriyama Anna: “I’ll plus one to people who gave a correct anwer!!(^∀^)
Please note, this is QUIZ!!!


I think this cleverness is a bit off when it’s Annin.
If it were Paruru or Juri, then it would perfectly match their images lol

Idol who make commentators on G+ do her homework….
Times has changed lol

Shimazaki Haruka, asked to buy Pokemon from her little brother

Shimazaki Haruka
I got a letter from my sweet little brother (2nd grade)♥
I was so excited as I read it, but……..
It said, “Buy me a game”……
_| ̄|○
Yes, I got it.
Shimazaki Haruka: “He wants Pokemon!(´-ι_-`)”

Yokoyama Yui: “Paruru! I love you!”
Shimazaki Haruka: “He immediately started playing it today!!”
Shimazaki Haruka: “But…. he drew a portrait (of me), and wrote ‘Best wish to you in AKB!’, so I immediately bought it for him.”

LOL She is ripped off by her little brother.

It’s like a default setting that AKB members are ripped off by their little brothers lol

And the day will come for Nattsumii that she is cadged by her mother?

Somehow, I’ve changed a way I see Shimazaki (in a good way). lol

LOL She is completely trapped by her little brother’s trick!!

I LOL’d at that Paruru’s response to her little brother is Kami!!!! lol

14gen made their pre-show performance debut

Togasaki Tomonobu

During today’s  Stage, 14th generation members had their first pre-show performance!!
I’ll upload the picture of them when all the members have appeared.

Hirata Rina: “It’s fast.”



14 gen have come on the stage!!

It’s coming━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!!!

As early as this month, 14gen have made their Stage debut!?!?!?

It’s unbelievable!!
Upload their profiles on the official page!!

So Kyowakoku will move onto 14gen??? lol

Usually they make Ariyoshi Kyowakoku debut 6 months after they made their theater debut,
So 12 and 13gen will still be main cast of the TV show for a while.

So… because team K’s pre-show act is performed by 4 members, there’re more than 4 members in 14gen.

Photos or names, are there any information about 14gen members???

We even don’t know how many members 14gen have…..

I was thinking “Phew….. I finally managed to remember all names and faces of 13 gen members…..”