Let's make "Show Fight!" by Future Girls win it's spot in Request Hour 2013!

  October 19, 2012

This is a thread to talk about “Show Fight” by Future Girls from “Gingham Check”'s Type-B CD and aim to make the song rank in at this year's Request Hour.
When the election result was announced, many people said “How come these members represent the future of AKB48?” “Tons of unfavorably treated members”. Even Ota of Future Girls members didn't expect much of their songs.
But after the song and it's MV was released, the song has gradually spread through word of mouth and is now considered to the best song and MV of the single.

The setting of the PV is an underground MMA, which accurately describes the real story of Future Girls who are determined to get out of the bottom of the hierarchy!!
Let's seriously discuss about members of Future Girls as well as the song and it's MV without dissing other members.

Show fight!

Composed and sond edited by Iwasaki Takafumi
MV directed by Maruyama Kenji
Future Girls
49 Muto Tomu KKS → Team K
50 Ishida Haruka Team B
51 Kikuchi Ayaka Team K → A
52 Ohta Aika Team A → HKT48
53 Matsui Sakiko Team K→ A
54 Yamauchi Suzuran Team 4 → B
55 Nito Moeno Team K → A
56 Kimoto Kanon Team E
57 Ohba Mina Team 4 → B
58 Ichikawa Miori Team 4 → B
59 Ohya Shizuka Team A → B
60 Ogasawara Mayu Team N
61 Sato Sumire Team B → A
62 Yakata Miki Team KII
63 Nakanishi Yuka Team S
64 Komori Mika Team B

Formation in the Dance scene.

Nishshi   __  Komori
Sato  /      \  Miki
/Love  Saki \
Shii /            \ Maa
/ Haruk  Tomu   Aya\
Ichikara Kimoto Nito Ohba

Stats and result of the battle tournament


○Muto vs ×Yamauchi vs ×Ohta
Ohta tried to finish Muto, who is merely a noob to her, but is instead hit by counter blow by Muto.
Yamauchi knocked Muto down, but as she was making a victory pose, Muto gave an upper cut blow before the countout.


×Nakanishi vs Ichikawa vs ×Ohba
The battle which is also for the sake of the pride of each member's team ended as a draw as everyone was knocked out by hitting each other at the same time


○Ishida vs ×Ichikawa vs ×Ohya
Serial Airhead Ohya Shizuka, ignoring the rules, swung a kick to Lemon, but it didn't cause any damage to the stone head Lemon.
On the contrary, her stone head broke Ohya's legs. She finished Ohya with a headbutt. Crazy Dog Ishida then crushed Lemon's head with an iron pipe.


×Matsui vs ×Yakata vs ×Sumire ← ○Moeno intruded in on the match

Sakiko who pretended that she didn't intend to fight cleverly guided Yakata and Sumire to clash with each other. Sakiko finished the match with one backfist. But the mysterious woman Moeno intruded in on the match to give a sanction to Sakiko for this lame fight.


○Kikuchi vs ×Kimoto vs ×Komori
Komori who started fighting before the gong due to impatience received an angry, jumping kick by Kimoto. Kikuchi, the girl who made a comeback from hell, blasted off Kimoto by the uppercut to the body that was almost a low blow.


Muto vs Kikuchi vs Ishida

Crazy Dog Ishida, threw away her iron pipe, and fought against the two with her bare hands.
Comeback Kikuchi lost her eyesight on her left eye and tried to bring the match to the ground as she lost the sense of distance.
Dark Horse Muto Tomu was knocked down many times but everytime she stood up again. Everyone still keeps piercing eyes and are still fighting each other.

Fanmade video: The reason why Kikuchi fights

Fanmade video: Ishida Haruka Rock & Fight

■Cool Extra girls


  1. the cool extra girls seems legit, lol
    show fight is a good song anyway, too bad 48 have tons of songs to vote…

  2. Aditya Sheratan says:

    it’s great song, with great PV after all..I’m Harukyan fans and wondering whether I should choose “Show Fight!!” or “Gugutasu No Sora.”

    Both of them is great, especialy for gugutasu no sora which harukyan is center.. Now I’m confused LOL xD

  3. Kittycat_999 says:

    Love it <3<3<3