Back Story of MV Filming of “Show Fight!!” (4 photos)

  September 10, 2012

From Harukyan’s blog and Tomu’s Google Plus

The story line of the MV is centered on fight scenes. Everyone fights each other except Moeno and Yuria Peace.
The difference from normal Boxing is this fight involves 3 people, which means 1 person vs 1 person vs 1 person!
The first match was Miorin vs Shiichan vs Me (Harukyan)!!

While Miorin’s weapon was Head-Butt, and Shiichan’s was Kick….. Mine was somehow…. AN IRON PIPE….. lol


Among all members, Tomu and I are the only members who’d practiced for theatrical combat!!! Because of that, I’d suffered muscle pain for a week!!


MV “Show Fight!”