I’ve got interested in AKB48 from Mariko-sama in the TV Ad of So-net.
As soon as I watched the commercial, I searched it to find out who’s this girl.
I can’t still figure out why, but it was Takamina in Friday’s gravure…..
MV of Namida Surprise that I just accidentally watched on Youtube.
Mariko-sama in “Let’s save the earth with 3R”

There’re tons of “Oh so that was AKB member!?!?” moments.
Anyway, it’s rather difficult not to become popular when they are making this amount of media appearance.

When I’m unemployed, I’ve been watching Youtube whole time and finally found AKB.

I was a fan of Berryz Kobo when I was a high school student, and graduated being a fan of them after Kohaku.
I have become interested in AKB48 from Kojiharu’s beautiful legs and bought Boku no Taiyo.
As my life has got busy, I gradually forgot AKB48.
I noticed they created team B, but I didn’t do anything particular as a fan.

I’ve again become interested in AKB48 with Mayuyu’s “やびゃー” and Yukirin’s sexy gaze.
I graduated being AKB fan after Reformation/Sokaku (: Permanent team shuffle in a huge scale)
I got a life.
I then again back to AKB sphere as Acchan announced graduation.
Immediately I’ve got hooked on NMB, Nogizaka and HKT. I cast 10 votes for each of 3 of my favorite members.
Now I’m HKT Ota.

That’s it.

From Mayuyu’s blog in 2009


This nonsensical PV of Bingo!

After I watched Majisuka, I’ve become wanted to know about each member. I searched around on Youtube and learned a lot about various members.
Now I’m addicted.

OhaMayu (Good mornin’ Mayuyu♪) Captured images from Otona Jelly Beans!!

It was when I listened to River that I started getting  interested in Oshima and Kashiwagi….
Then Sawako captured my heart with her appearance in Shukan AKB48.

Tomochin’s swimsuit body.
(Tomochin in) Ponytail to Chuchu.
(Tomochin’s) Itoyokado’s TV Ad

I think you pretty much made a final anwer ↑
Until I met Tomochin, I’d never had interest in idols.

AKBINGO! that I came across when I was browsing through TV.
Acchan had such a bright and beautiful smile on her face as she was cooking Omurice for Ota.

Maeda Acchan Omurice at AKB shop and cafe Akihabara

Because they created 48 group in my local town.

Shojiki Shogi I watched on Youtube.
I was like “Wow It’s so funny that idols are doing such funny things!

Because I heard the elementary school kid is a center of this group.

I’ve become completely AKB Ota after I watched Pajama Drive and Sasiyu Bell ga Naru Stages on DMM’s Live on Demand.
I’d been interested in these stages for a long time but I had a feeling that I couldn’t fully enjoy the stages by watching DVD.
For the first time I realized how awesome AKB is when I watched Stage performance at theaters.

Nakanishi Rina. I was curious about how she was like when she was an idol.
As I searched through Youtube and read through 2channel, I’ve come to understand other members charm.

AKB? Hell!! Only Otaku are interested in such a gross idol group!!

What? This girls group  called DiVA performs really cool!! Whatta….!! Are they AKB!!??

I googled it, and found Okaro appears in Waratte Iitomo

I’ve started buying CDs.

I’ve been a fan of movie director Nakajima.
I hadn’t had a good image on AKB but since Nakajima directed their MV, I reluctantly bought their CDs.
→Acchan as Yasai sisters is so Kawaiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I carefully run through all videos to make sure I watch all footage of Acchan.
→Somehow I’ve become Rena Ota…. lol

I found Sawako in Shukan AKB.

I collected tons of Sawako’s pictures.

5 months after, I completely forgot Sawako and was like “Uhmm who is this girl?”

I searched through internet and have gradually become Sawako Ota.

NHK’s documentary program about AKB that they aired in midnight.

I still remember the very moment that changed my life.
About one year ago, when I searched through Youtube, I encountered Ponytail to Chuchu.
I was a kind of person that had hated AKB, but I think something was weird back then, and I completely liked it.
That one click changed my life 180 degree.
From that day, I’d been addicted to AKB for several months.
I asked myself “Why me? Why me interested in AKB!?” for countless times…
It was a  mysterious experience…

TV Ads of ABC mart.
That was dangerously cute.
And Gravure of Young Jump gave me a final blow.
I’d long been not interested in AKB48 other than Mariko-chan, but her twitter and blog made me interested in all members.

I’ve become hooked on AKBINGO! after I watched Ohori Meshibe segment.
Afterwards, when I watched the episode where Acchan and Maimai got hypnotized, I’ve become
Sayaka Oshi.
But because I didn’t understand the system of theaters and thater G Rosso, I first saw Sayaka in person at AKB Kagekidan.

I’d thought they were members of this girls idol group even after the final episode…. lol
When I saw DON, I finally figured out they were members of AKB.

I fell in love with Acchan in MV of Ponytail to Chuchu at the first look.

When I was searching for Prank videos on Youtube, I found AKBINGO!’s episode where Takamina was scolded for breaking Sada’s guitar and apologizing with tears…. Takamina was trying to protect other members…. She has immediately become an essential of my life.

Shogi maestro, Mr. Miura praised Masuda’s singing ability.
I got interested and searched about her.

Amina from radioa programs.
Her voice, her face, both are so cute.

The start was Youtube, I watched various videos of Takamina back then.
After 3 years, I’m still loyal Takamina-Oshi.

I’ve gradually been becoming Ota with Sae in Love Letter and Okashi na Sisters. Then I’ve completely soaked into AKB with Yomiuri newspaper ‘s 135 anniversary campaign (Reformation/Sokaku)….

A friend of my brother was Ota, and as my brother talked to him, he’s become Ota, too. He went to see last year’s election at Budo-Kan,  and as I was listening to his impression, I somehow got interested in AKB, too, and watched the documentary of the election.
After they started Gugutasu and released Documentary movie, I became Ota.

I like horror movies and I went to watch Densenka without knowing AKB members were starring the movie,
I thought this girl (Okaro) is seriously beautiful and searched about her online.
At first I didn’t know how to read her name and thought it’s “Saika“.

Mariko-sama in TV Ads for So-net was so cute~.
She brought me to AKB world.

It took a time to really get into AKB.
The start was…. the radio program I listened while I was driving. Umechan and Moeno hosted the show, and I really liked Umechan’s clear voice and comfortable pronunciation of Japanese language. So…. naturally it took time to recognize their faces….