Don’t you think Sayanee and Milky is the most awesome pair?

  June 29, 2012

What do you think?

Nana, who has been supporting the 2 girls, is the most awesome member!!!

Absolutely true. SayaMilNana is the best.
Their expression ability is by far excellent!!

Sayanee, Milky and Nana. They have an amazing chemistry and when they are together, there’s a perfect balance. Each girl has a different unique edge and all are so attractive.
And that’s why I’m hooked on MV of Nagiichi!!

Same age, same height and have completely opposite personality like “Moon” and “Sun”.
It’s actually a miracle that we have the 2 girls in the same generation of the same group!!!

Sayanee, Milky and Nana. There is no trio more perfect than them!!

I can’t agree to include Nana and call it top3.
Current NMB is a team of top2, Milky and Sayanee. Nana is a good rival for Ainyan.
You know, Sayanee and Milky, Nana and Ainyan, both are the same age (respectively).

Although I’m HQ’s Ota, I like top3 of Namba!
I think they have a perfect balance!

Sayanee – Cut out for a leader
Milky – Cut our for an idol
Nana – Cut out for a variety TV show idol
You know what? This what we call perfect combination!

What amazing about them is both are totally liked by members!!

By the way, Nana-tan is playing an important role in the group as she is a vice captain of NMB48!!

Anyway, it’s so scary to imagine if NMB were without Sayanee and Milky…..

Their performance of Dakishimeraretare in AKB Kohaku was outstanding……

I’m a bit surprised that Sayanee is actually a shy person while Milky is very communicative!
Sure, as I’ve watched various videos, I found that Sayanee tend to avoid looking straight at a face of a person she is talking with, while Milky is making a constant eye contact.

It’s so cute when Sayanee cites Milky and complain how fans praise Milky as an idol while they rarely sees Sayanee as a cute idol.

1gen of NMB is too awesome!

I was there at the Shonichi of NMB’s 1gen…. I’ve convinced that Sayanee is a top talent.
When I watched NMB’s Stage for the 2nd time, I realized Milky is also an outstanding talent.
And…. it turned out that I have an eye….. Yes!

I’m grateful to the god to give me a chance to meet NMB48…
They gave me brave to live tomorrow, they changed my life.
SayaMil is the best…

Maybe some people have forgotten this, but at first, NMB’s 3top are SayaMil and Maachun.
Nana has become the 3rd top member of NMB since around Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojo.
And…. before that scandal, people had an impression that Akarin is the 4th top member in the group.
Ainyan, Joenishi and Mirurun have gained popularity while Akarin (and Shiokichi) had been suspended her membership.
Maachun hasn’t so much changed during this period.
Now with Akarin has made com-back, NMB has stellar line-ups!!
Anyway top2 of NMB has been indisputably Sayanee and Milky.

Their career is equivalent of AKB’s 11gen….. Can you believe this!?!? Their aura, outstanding presence and performance….. They are monsters!!

Sayanee, who shows outstanding performance in anything she does,
and Milky, the girl Sayanee admits that she she has an inborn talent to become a top idol,
Their chemistry is unparalleled.
It seems that Milky will have a huge breakthrough as she joins team K,
I want them to develop abilities to handle various situations they’ll encounter in TV shows or any kinds of media….. and want to see them grow together.

I wish some day they’ll sing Heart-gata Virus with Nana in Kansai-dialect….

Though I’m SKE Ota, I like Ainyan and Milky pair.
I also like Ainyan and Nana pair.
I also like Sayanee, by the way.

Maybe you like TEPPEN Radio?

↑Though I only listened to several episodes uploaded on Youtube, I like the program~
In addition, I like Naniwa Nadeshiko. These 2 radio programs made me like Ainyan and Milky~!

In the previous episode of Star Hime Sagashi Taro, when there weren’t Sayaka, Milky and Nana, other 1gen members got slack and scolded by a coach….
Though I think now they’ve got more professional attitude now, that footage convinced me these 3 girls are essential for NMB.

I can’t forget Mori Ayaka’s expression as if she wanted to lament over unfairness in this world and say “So are we foils for top3?”…..
And as I expected, she resigned the group…..

This pretty much explain why Joe-chan lost her confidence…. (Because she was told her performance was by far worse than Sayanee and Milky.)

I want you to make it clear who is No.3 of NMB.
Popularity-wise, Ainyan slightly wins over Nana-tan but if you factor in performance, then I think Nana is No.3.
Certainly Nana was now far behind SayaMil in terms of popularity, but what NMB can be proud of it this golden top3.
Shikirou or Koike have moods that only Nana-tan can create.
And when top3 dance in a front row with all members in their back, NMB48 shows the most beautiful choreo of all 48 groups.
If you are team N Ota, I think you can even boast of your Oshi team to team S Ota!

If we decide No.3 according to the election result….. Ainyan is No.3 of NMB….. I could never imagine Nana-tan lost to Ainyan….. orz

She lost to Ainyan only by 209 votes, by the way…

Anyway, here is the place we talk about Sayanee and Milky, let’s go back to the topic.

Because of SayaMil, I lost all interest in AKB48.

I somehow feel their personality and appearance is totally opposite.

I think they are like John and Paul (of Beatles)

I want to watch their Manzai again!

I want to give them a high score all the more because their Ota don’t give bad name each other, but rather they respect each other’s Oshi. It’s actually so rare in this AKB48 project where “Rivalry” often leads to harsh Anti sentiment.

Exactly! That’s what makes them so special compared to other groups top members!

It may be because they have completely different characteristics and don’t have to compete each other in the same field. 

And there’re many fans whose Oshi are bothe Sayanee and Milky.

It has become almost heart breaking that I like both of them so much…

Next generation’s Ace is Kinoshita Haruna!!

Yeah, I have no objection to your opinion!

It was so heart warming that Milky touched Sayanee’s Oppai with an innocent smile… lol

Haha Milky loves Sayanee’s Oppai!

This Top2 have no drawback in both Stage performance and fan service at handshake event.

Sayanee and Milky: Top2
Nana, Ainyan and Maachun: The three musketeers.
Kondo and Yoshida: Comeback pair (Management’s Oshi in the early period)
Shirama and Joenishi: The strongest contender against three musketeers
Kishino and Kinoshita: If they get things right, they may make a huge breakthrough
Kotani and Yamaguchi: A bit irritating for their Oshi as currently it seems difficult for them to become top members.
the rest 3 members: Good luck!

I’m looking forward to Undergirls song!!!

And I hope they will become Senbatsu in the next election!

LOL They will surely become Kami7!!

LOL It wouldn’t happen next year!

Certainly their performance is outstanding, but what great about them are not only Stage but they respond to fans very courteously at handshake events…. they basically very care about fans.
And their professionalism as now the fate of NMB48 is on their shoulder.
Sure, as they are the symbolic figures of NMB48, they have faced not a small number of Anti, but they don’t complain and never express their frustration, always overcome negative thoughts, and that why people call they are Ace.