AkiP Owns Only 1~2% Of Power Share Over AKB

  April 21, 2012
Dentsu HQ in Tokyo “夢?”

Note: this article is from gossip magazine. Don’t take it too straight, or you’ll go nuts.

AKB recorded a million-record sales with all 5 singles released in 2011, wrapping up the year with winning 53th “Record Taisyo” award. While Mayuyu, Sashko and Misaki Iwasa made solo debuts, in 2011 two members of the group left a group due to scandal.

Though looking from outside, AKB is produced 100% by Yasushi Akimoto, people associated with the group said the behemoth Ads agency Dentsu and show-biz agency Ota productions is exerting more influence over the group’s management. Basically Dentsu has a tremendous power over any kinds of entertainment industry (and as powerful as Google in America), and Ota has Sashiko, Acchan and Yuko in their hands.

(According to those gossip magazines, it somehow became the common fact that Ota agency want Yuko and Acchan to leave the group to focus on solo activities.)

In the music video for “Give Me Five!”, AKB48 performed live-band, which made a headline of news, but it also produced sensation that Yuko played a prostitute in it.

Acchan on the other hand made an appearance in Toyota’s commercial playing Jaiko from Draemon. It’s a drastic casting, but had a positive reception.

AKB has been on everyday’s news, there’s no day you don’t see them on TV. Somehow these days AKB48 has become being dubbed Nation’s idol. But it’s widely known that they had been having hard time in their early days.

Now that everyone automatically think it’s AkiP created today’s AKB, but in real it’s not him but Dentsu and Ota who have power over the management of the group. Every Ads AKB appears are managed and directed by Dentsu, and other Ads agency can’t appoint AKB without Dentsu’s permission. Ota is the first large production who had it’s eyes on AKB, and that rewarded them to have 2-top of the group in it’s hands.

Unidentified person who works in TV station says “Right after the forming of AKB48, Mr.Akimoto confessed his tought saying ‘How in the world this group can be big? No way!!’. After all from the beginning to present, big projects or big decisions of the group have been always managed by Dentsu and Ota. In AKB project, Mr.Akimoto has only 1 to 2% of power share. It’s more precise to say he is a member of AKB from Dentsu and Ota’s eyes.”

Not only their Japanese sister groups, but AKB project is now spreading to Jakarta and Taiwan. As the battle among members must become more and more intense, what big surprise are those rainmakers planning for the next?

Source Cyzo Woman