Nogizaka Got Booed From Fierce Soccer Fans At Soccer Studium

  April 21, 2012
Note: I have nothing against Nogizaka, but since they are an official rival of AKB48, I just keep sharing latest news of them with you.

Nogizaka these days constantly being caught in trouble. 
According to Yahoo, Nogizaka performed pre-match live at Urawa Reds vs Omiya Ardija match in Saitama. 16 members of the group appeared on the green pitch in soccer uniforms, performed “Hidarimune no Yuki”, the official rooter’s song for cable TV net Sky Perfect TV’s “J league 2012” channel, adding cuteness to the excitement of the stadium.
The song is a coupling to their first single “Guruguru Curtain”.

Chiharu Saitoh, who is from Saitama, revealed her grand grand ancle was a former Olympic medalist Ryozo Suzuki who was played soccer in Meixco Olympic. “I love soccer, and I’ve been watching it since I was a little. I want to get excited with you today!” she talked to soccer fans.

At the press interview after the event, “I’m surprised that we can sing at such a big place, but I was really happy.” she smiled. Asked about booing from soccer fans, “It’s better to have no reactions. I think it’s nice to have at least some reactions. It firmed my resolve. I hope many people will come to know us. she said firmly.

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Source Yahoo J

This booing came from mainly famously fierce Urawa Reds fans. One reason for this booing is almost all Urawa Reds fans know Kojiharu (AKB) and Shiori Kaneko (SKE) are huge fans of Urawa Reds, making Reds fans see Nogizaka as for some reason their rival as well. ???

This footage from the stadium, it’s so awkward from the beginning to the end…

Since it was 1.5 hours before the start of the match, there were few fans at the stadium, which was unlucky for Nogizaka since they were core, wild supporters.