Kojiharu is and will always be the most chilly girl in AKB48, but she is sometimes too chilly that resulted in deferring her high-school graduation for one year….

From yesterday’s Weekly No Sleeves (Radio Program)

Minegishi “So after all, did you graduate high-school?
Kojiharu “Yeah~ I’m actually a high-school graduate!”
Takamina “Have you thought she didn’t graduate high-school??”
Minegishi “yup”
Kojiharu “I failed to get a last one credit… it was a gym class, and white shoes was mandatory. But that day I was wearing pink-color shoes. That made it over.”
Takamina “What? It’s becasue of color of Sneakers!?!?”
Kojiharu “Yup, and I graduated next year.”

Maybe since it looks like both Minegishi and Takamina didn’t know she was in a high-school in 4th year, she probably only went to school for gym class. What struck me is how strict her teacher at high-school was, and how this episode matches her funny, easy-going character! Repeat a same year (she only repeat a gym class since she was taking corresponding course) because of putting on pink sneakers for gym class!?!? This is gonna be the ultimate episode for TV shows!!! Why she dropped this on radio~.

2006-03-21 Kojiharu will be absent from tomorrow’s show, because of study for her supplementary exam. We are so sorry.” !!!