New TV Show “Gachi-Gase” Starts Filming

  April 10, 2012
Takamina is tinny winny?

It’s reported the coming new TV show “Gachi-Gase” on Nippon TV net started filming 20th Apr at TV net’s studio, and held a press conference before it.

Gachi-Gase: Seriously Wrong Rumor
According to Chinichi Sport, 5members of AKB48 will make a regular appearance in the show. Those names are Atsuko Maeda(前田敦子), Minami Takahashi(高橋みなみ), Haruna Kojima(小嶋陽菜), Aki Takajo(高城亜樹) and Tomomi Itano(板野友美).

According to the other article from Oricon, each member told their determination for the show.

Asked about what ‘Gachi-Gase’ she is curious about, Aki Takahashi showed off her unique worldview, told “I eat Moyashi a lot. There are Moyashi of different prices, so I want to know their cost.” Haruna Kojima, now widely known for her funny personality, said “I am very bad at quiz asking common knowledge, but I am good at normal quiz!!” Minami Takahashi firmly affirmed “Kojima-san and Takajo-san are among the freakiest in AKB…” while Atuko Maeda said in a very relaxed way “I do my best to enjoy to the fullest.”

Nipon TV net’s new show “Gachi-Gase” will start 19:00 on 20th Apr. The first on-air is a 2-hour long special program.