Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki's battle in sales of their 1st solo photo-book

  October 18, 2012

They won't hold any bonus event unlike Yukirin's photo-book (Solo live concert)?

According to sports newspaper, the winner will make a solo appearance in upcoming commercial.

Finally they've started make them fight each other….

But whichever will win the game, it will leave grudge in fans as well as themselves…

↑It's nothing new to compete against each other as they've been long considered to be rivals.

By any means, Milky is gonna win….

This is something impossible for JR. If JR would dare to do the same thing, Rena would 100% win by a decisive lead.

I think Sayanee will beat Milky in this match. After all, Oppai is Justice.

Obviously Management is trying to inflame the rivalry between the Ota of the two girls.

But how shameless they are to dare to do it such a blunt matter lol

It's impossible for JR to play a game like this as they belong to different agencies.

But… even Maeda and Oshima, both belong to Ohta Production, hadn't had this kind of head-to-head match-up…

This is gonna be a battle heated even more than the election…

I think Sayanee and Milky Ota haven't been opposing each other unlike JR.

I don't know this is a smart move of management or I should say the move by Yoshimoto Agency as people may antagonize fans….

Though I'm Milky Oshi, she has a disadvantage if they compete with swimsuits photos…

It's only 1,500 yen. It's something you can dub rip-off, but I'm actually glad that they set a price that low.

I have an impression that Akimoto expects Milky will win this game, and then makes her Ace of AKB48…?

I'm sure he will never do the same thing for JR as it's all clear who the winner will be…

Nothing crazy or awkward about this. Of course it's no exploitation from fans.

This is something we're all familiar with since they've started the election lol

I hate the fact that the bonus for the winner is a solo appearance in the commercial. This is a bad joke actually. That has almost nothing to do with fans. They've gotta just increase the quality of fan-service.

I won't buy them. But if they're to release a photobook of Maachun (Chunmaa), I'm gonna buy 2 copies…



  1. Abc i for opai opai ^*^~ says:

    Good marketing!
    No matter the result come out
    I sense that it gonna hurt their fans somehow ;p

  2. blacknezumi says:

    Oh how interesting. I’m excited for this somehow.

  3. Peechan says:

    “I won’t buy them. But if they’re to release a photobook of Maachun (Chunmaa), I’m gonna buy 2 copies…”

    I will not let you borrow my Milky’s photobook 😀