Don’t you think Yamamoto Sayaka is the most appropriate leader for the Next Generation of AKB

  July 18, 2012

(Wingom: Warning, Google translated, I have no idea why…)

It is difficult to achieve in every sense of the word, but know

Violently agree with what the next leader Sayanee

I give it over lemon

Why not J?

There is no guy captainship arbitrarily squeeze lemon

↑”No child can not win in lemon Shibore AKB permission and do not take” Sayanee

I can not hear Paruru say good performance? 

↑W, such as Paruru Fun~tsu was a member of the Osaka Hirefuse self-willed
strongest Sayanee

Year, has gone too far. What year is Takamina, members near useless.
Miyawaki favorite candidate is HKT. Change of ownership is about 5 years later

There is consent. Show one’s authority after the glare around like … like when the leader Yuko and Mariko heights I seem to find talent. How much, do I do with a person even to say that excellent Sayanee is not because there is a limit.

I do not have qualified for more than Yamamoto

We already have Yokoyama

– It ‘s impossible Yamamoto something.
Everyone also performs as an exceptional role or properly follow and pull at the same time.

Yamada, more likely if the proper number has found the number on the stage (older than all but impossible or because, well) If the same branch leader-Mare (Hirata Rikako)

Does not mean was the leader from the start Even Takahashi
Takahashi was able to get along as the captain had gone to the model to create a foundation that Orii

I do Tsutomara something captain Even Takahashi Nakerya have Orii if Yokoyama would Yamamoto as well as Captain going to do on the foundation that is not suffering anymore, but would

Yokoyama leader
(in order to gain experience) is deputy leader and Miyawaki Sayanee would do with?

I would have trouble facing Komariko is not popular but Miyawaki Yeah good personality and smart

Komariko is a cornerstone of the four pieces are the conscience
or the Ohba called back? I have trouble Hakodate was also first in response to low but still I think name recognition, and human resources to the team’s four necessary

Yamamoto Sayaka
graduation have not heard it ‘s port than …
Yamamoto Sayaka
in real intention here is please let written.

If yours is bad mood I’m sorry. …We honestly puzzled.

I have a captain to know the graduation of members is slower than the fans I talk is pathetic.

Also becomes the third man, and “academic priority” to be guilty is not what they’d can not go of NMB is can not be helped with anxiety.

On the other hand, two Kise is even familiar with the graduation of fellow countrymen feel.

Why … white solid, saturation.
Yamamoto Sayaka
it lonely, frustrated me Ya do not stop the tears. But this is of palm that NMB and from what I love the NMB to seniors it does not rely, does not rely on. I have to somehow on their own. Talk to Rena Shima. Of people who have decided to graduationwill of course support.


I feel like there are only a Takamina Yamamoto, and think What is the next
target AKB is it not absurd to SKE members

Oh I can follow people also like to pull a Takamina
I’m not. Adviser to the deputy leader and follow-up to support the leader and a leader … was when I called it separated into a wind. Or not a place like this when it comes.
Yokoyama leader and the deputy leader Miyawaki Sayanee
Komariko adviser can place What I Do.

Everyone But Toko Toko there is no blur in action and utterances often perform daily has been evaluated to members or
that, so listen to it say it’s such heights that we Kyoku-sha per Itano Shinoda Kojima, Oshima, Maeda and from junior to think that I What a terrible and I think Toko from Toko around you have to see a little bit more I do not know because there is feeling that is also still struggling to lead members of Yamamoto

For example what I’m ww answer from Takamina just 21 years old I’m still all or. ‘m Going to say that is a leader in the heights for the time being.

Yamamoto A, and you ask quickly be concurrently

It is also leadership ability was also a sister but admit Sayanee
instead of the name is difficult to Takami

Although I’ve been I feel like I have added and modernized future years old Akimoto

I started thinking recently and are similar in nature to Okaro

There is ability to Sayanee, but also recognize leadership
lot more than I think it’s a pity Jalas.

source, translated by Google translate