Akicha and Harugon joined JKT48 on (fanmade) Google Plus's profile page and 5 more!

  October 18, 2012
Masuda Yuka

This sense of exhaustion…! It's been a long since I last felt this way. Good night!!



So ↑ Is Boke and ↓ is Tsukkomi, right?

Masuda Yuka

How come I can sleep right now? I have never gone to bed that early lol

Looks like she is catching the wave lol


Oshima Ryoka

I finished with the today's theater performance☆~(ゝ。∂)

Ponytail and…?



Even her funny face looks like Yuko….

Murayama Yuiri

This photo was taken by me~

Iwatate Saho

(Ponytail and) Samurai

I thought this was Yuko, actually lol

As expected of Yuko II

W center with Tomochin II, Aigasa Moe-chan!


Iwatate Saho

This is how the real Bento looks like…..

I finally understood why everyone has been worried about my Bento so much…!!!


Originally shared by Kojima Mako



I spewed coffee all over the dining table lol


Finally….. she's come to know what she shouldn't know…..

This reminded me of Amuro's “This….this is Zaku of Principality of Zeon”

LOL Now Sahoo's Bento characeter has established in the fandom!

Iwatate Saho 6/5 17:55


Today's my Bento….

The only accompanying dish was this….Σ(  Д ) ⊙ ⊙

Mom~!! I want to have some more color to my Bento(((^_^;)

Iwatate Saho

I heard my lil brother's Bento was the same….!

This is White Trevally (´・ε・`)

Takashima Yurina

Eee Sahoo~…

Oh I got it!

Eating strange Bento makes people become cute!?

Iwatate Saho

Good evening!


This is my today's Bento♪

Don't you think my mom has improved from the last time?

Iwatate Saho

Mom got many advises from everyone….. Mom (T-T)….


I wonder what Sahhoo's mom think when she looks at Kojimako-chan's Bento….

We can expect Sahhoo and Kojimako-chan to star the commercial for Hotto Motto (Bento shop Franchise)

Sahhoo “This is the real Bento!! Deluxe Bento 560 yen!!”

Iwatate Saho

Those Animal thingy look so cute…

I'm envious…|´д`*)


LOL Stop it!! It sounds so pitiful!

Don't react to the sticks, but real foods in her Bento lol

She is putting pressure on her mom lol

Mere Bento but Bento. I can cause admiration and envy.

Iwatate Saho

But looking at it carefully, I kinda think content of our Bento is not that different…?

The problem lies in how she put in Bento Box…?



Nope lol

Sahhoo, your guess is totally off lol

Sahhoo…. it's not…. it's totally wrong….

What a positive girl!!

I want Sahhoo and Nakayan to star the modern remake of Oshin…

Of course it has to be based on real stories of them.

SKE48 Fujimoto Mizuki's Bento collection


↑….I hope Sahhoo won't see this photo….


Arai Hiroki

Oct 18.
Today's stage was “Boku no Taiyo” performed by 2 promoted members (Oshima, Natori)
and 14 members of Kenkyusei (Aigasa Moe, Iwatate Saho, Uhiyama Natsuki, Umeda Ayano, Omori Miyu, Okada Ayaka, Okada Nana, Kitazawa Saki, Takashima Yurina, Nishino Miki, Hirata Rina, Maeda Mitsuki, Murayama Yuiri, Mogi Shinobu)

Here I deliver a collection of today's best shots of each member!
I selected photos based on my own preferencem(_ _)m



What an awesome job!!!!!

Aigasa Moe 23:41

Look!! \(^o^)/

Poncho-san, who's been taking a photo at the theater took a marvelous photo today (;;)

This is way too much awesome!

Thank you so much (^-^)


Staffs at the theater are all competent except Tgsk~ lol

Tgsk “I think those who can't go higher without someone making space for them can't win in AKB. Challenge us with determination to crush us!!”


I found their answers are the same!

14gen Maeda Mitsuki

13gen Takashima Yurina

↑You have such a sharp observative  eye! Great!


Looks like these are the new proflie photos of JKT members?

Akicha and Gon have joined JKT48.

↑Whoa! Akichan and Gon are dressed in that Yellow and Black color costume!!

It really makes us realize they're members of JKT when dressed in this costume!

I think Akicha and Gon's photos are photo collages.

These photos have been made based on their photos at JKT48 theater's opening event.

….Good job lol

The photos itself are their old costume for Hebirote.

And other members photos are just images from postcards that have already been around.



  1. monyet stres says:

    wuih keren bang

  2. blacknezumi says:

    LOL, sahocan how cute. At least your mom pack lunch for you sahocan and that’s all it matter.