Akicha as she enters the backstage of JKT48 theater (3 photos)

  September 10, 2012

From Tira Arafa on Flickr

Takajo Aki

The JKT48 Theater has been opened on September 8!!

I’ve come to Jakarta together with Gonchan♥
We were asked to join the last greetings for the evening public performance as a surprise, but I was very nervous.

I greeted them in Indonesian language, but I am wondering if they were able to understand me proper way??

September 8 is the debut day of AKB7s subunit French Kiss, the group that I’m one of it’s member, and the opening of the JKT48 Theater!!
It’s became an important day for me(^ ^)

I received beautiful flowers displayed in front of the theater’s building!

Thank you!