Akicha wants her oshi to meet her in Jakarta when she moves to JKT48

  September 4, 2012


Takajo Aki 9/2 22:07

We had a Handshake event and a 2 shot photo session to commemorate the release of the album “1830m”
Thank you so much for talking with me a lot!

I want to meet Akicha in 6th time slot.
I only could shake hands with her because I lost the lottery though….

Me: Have you learned some words of Indonesian language?
Aki: Still only greetings.
Me: Has it still not yet been decided when you will go Jakarta?
Aki: Yeah….. still nothing.
Me: Oh yeah… It’s a bit worrisome…
Aki: No! It’s gonna be alright!!
 (Hagashi tried to move me away at this timing.)
Aki: I will let you know when it’s been decided!!

Akicha is, after all, the nest.
Her hair got longer, but yeah, long hair really suits her.

I got back home from the 2 shot photo event~
I was able to take a 2 shot photo with her!!

Me: That book called “Indonesian language, starting from zero to fluency”. I bought that book,too!!!!
Aki: There are a lot of other texts, too!!
Me: Oh really? Now I’m studying the Indonesian language!!
Aki: Let’s try our best for study, together~!!

If it’s together with Akicha, I’m willing to learn any language!!

Forgive me but my report is very long lol

Me: Yo!
Aki: Oh….. I wanted to meet you….. (Silence for a while) Hey…. can you come to meet me in Jakarta?
Me: Yeah! Of course!
Aki: What? No way~ lol
Me: No, I’m serious!
Aki: Really?
Me: Sure. So, did you really decide this transfer thing on your own will?
Aki: Yes. I was like, “I’m gonna go!!” Look, it’s so exciting, isn’t it?
Me: Yeah…… Sure….
Aki: Anyway, let’s take a 2 shot photo!! I want to take a photo together with you! Win the lottery next time!!
Me: I will try my best lol

↓after that….

Me: Sorry I couldn’t make it(/ω\)
Aki: Whattt….. Come on…. I was thinking to make it a memorial photo… (`・ω・´)
Me: So I said I’m so sorry…. lol
Aki: Wait. Is this your last time? You don’t have any more (tickets) for today?
Me: No, I don’t(´・ω・`)
Aki: I…. I really wanted to take a photo with you…..
Me: Then… will we?
Aki: Now? No way lol
Me: I know! So….. yeah I will write a letter again!!
Aki: Yeah! I’m looking forward to it!!

I was thinking what I can do to encourage her as this is the first time I meet her after the transfer was announced, but she looked so cheerful.
Maybe she try to pretend to be alright?
But it didn’t look like she was trying to look cheerful….
Anyway….. I wanted to take a photo with her when she wanted me to be in it so much….. *sob

↑ LOL I’m jealous….

↑x2 It sounded like you guys are in relationship haha

I think this man is veteran fan of Akicha. As in he was her fan since she was a KKS?

She has been my Oshi since she was KKS. 
I went to meet her at HS events back when she didn’t have many fans at the events….
But she is going to Jakarta now…..
You don’t understand my feeling!! *sob

Since she was KKS!?!?
That’s awesome sir!
Probably this relationship could be built because you’ve been always loyal to her?
Good luck~!

So, after all, Akicha is the best.
I want her to bring Akicha Pandemic to Jakarta!!

I asked my questions about Transfer to Togasaki

・In China, people who are Anti-Japanese may harass members.→ We protect them with very tight security, so please be assured.
・DiVA’s activities will resume next year. When they release a new single, Sae will join PR activities in Japan
・Sae will play a role equal to Captain. It won’t probably happen that she won’t be selected for Senbatsu or poorly treated by management.
・Members will join AX 
・But 4 members won’t join AKB’s singles released after their transfer.
・Because they are eager to join HS events, maybe they will attend HS event in Japan once every three months, if not every time.
・They can continue to Blog and post onGoogle Plus, but it may be difficult to keep updating Mobame.