After Rejected For Media-Senbatsu, Next Election Has Huge Meaning For Sae

  April 20, 2012
Ok so I couldn’t get today’s Nikkan paper since I couldn’t contact with my friend in Japan only today of all says, unfortunately…. But I will introduce you her fans comments on the interview, since today’s was the special day for her, she changed her hair style, she was on the stage of AKB theatre, so there’re tons of comments on her blog.

“Sae-chan you have an amazing body!”

“It’s unusual to hear that Sae gets whiny and express a little bit negative thought… 
I understand how she is nervous about the election…
After reading this I figured you want to rise onto top-10.
It’s alright Sae!
Sae-Ota never let you below top-10!” 

“Sae-chan is feeling uneasy, ins’t she… ? 
I will do my best in the afternoon at my work!”

“Hey guys, I know probably you are having sweet time with Sae’s picture on Nikkan,
But you’d better read an article itself!
She expressed how she feel uneasy for this election, how she really wants to go higher in this election…
I feel her so strongly…
This made my mind up. I do everything I can do to support her in upcoming election.”

You wrote such a small “乙女(Venus or Diva)” on the Polaroid like you are not confident that you’re Venus,
But for me, you are none other than Venus!” 

I still haven’t went through the article, but you looks really beautiful! I’m so happy they chose a good photo!” 

“I bought Nikkan today! Sae-chan is so cool in it! I fall in love with you again(≧∇≦)”

“I feel you are sooooooo uneasy waiting the election… but our Sae-fans do our best to support you, cheer you up with full energy! It’ll be alright!!!!!!”

“Everyone wants to see your happy tears not sad tears, so everyone will support you(o^∀^o)”

“I read Nikkan! I found Serious Sae is nice too(≧▼≦)
So general election is coming… Im not interested in AKB itself but… Sae-chan wants to be in higher position, don’t you?
I can’t but tons of CDs, but I want to support you as possible,,,, I will vote my ballot for Sae-chano(^-^)o
Sae-chan’s smile… I want it shine☆”

“I read Nikkan\(^o^)/
Probably general election makes you so uneasy…
But I’m voting for Sae-chan☆
Why? Because I wants to see Sae-chan’s smile!!!!!”

“I ‘m frustrated with the fact Sae is not in Senbatsu for “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”(>_<)
But I think the most frustrated person is Sae-chan yourself(>_<)
But this put fire on my heart!! I’ll but more CDs than last year!!! Becasue this is my love for Sae-chan (*^ー^)ノ♪”

“Even I’m feeling uneasy when general election is approaching, so Sae feel tremendous emotional burden I guess(;_;)
Why election even exist(*_*)”

“Though I feel your uneasiness, I want you to be confident!
It’s nice to see younger members is going to be top-team (Senbatsu)後, but Sae also have to look at higher place.
Being in top-10, hopefully I want you to be Kami7!!
I really want to you in the center… Nama-Uma has a big influence to national audience! 
Challenging gaze in Nikkan’s photo, you kind of look like Aki Hoshino (idol) partly because of your hair style? 
Today, AKB newspaper was released, new TV show Gachi-Gase started, we also have ANN (AKB no all night nippon)… oh I will stay up late… Especially I can’t miss tonight’s ANN (Amina, Haachan, Siichan)”

“Uhmmmm Nikkan..★
Your alluring gaze… that challenging gaze was so sexy and made my heart beat faster(☆o☆)
General election…. accept whatver happens…..
but, but, nonetheless, I wan to see Sae-chan’s smile!
I do my best too☆★☆”

“Miyazawa Inaeshie…. (宮澤イナエシエ) (Quiz she threw at fans in today’s blogpost), there might be a member of this name in JKT48,, I don’t know why, it’s just my impression…”
Even though AkiP described some fans who complain that their Oshi-men are treated badly by AkiP “Monster Parents”, some Sae-fans can’t help but sending comments to AkiP that it’s strange that Sae, who ranked 11th in the last election wasn’t selected for Media-Senbatsu…. Maybe this made her feel far more pressure for the next election…. 
By the way do you know Sae changed her hair style? According to fans who attended today’s theatre show her hair looked so gentle, so soft, so soothe that hair ornaments came off her hair when she was dancing. (But she just stayed cool, picked up it and after dancing a little more, she threw the ornament to stage wing, which for me is describing her usual handsomeness!)

Nikkan has uploaded photos of members on which each member wrote their message for next election to fans.
Since I couldn’t deliver you her interview by Nikkan, I browse around internet and collect some video of Sae.
This one has (strangely?) gained more than 1 million views, and comes first in search result. At a hotel in Guam, Mariko, Kojima, Takamina etc. scared Sae and Yuko (and put a little bit extra makeup on Yuko’s face).

Sae didn’t even know what “Thoroughbred” means when she first started MC role on TV show “Nama-Uma”.

Sae gets blashed because everyone said their Oshimen is Sae! Nesmith, the member of dance pop group Exile, even did Oshi-Hen (changed his Oshi-men) from Acchan to Sae!