SKE48 announces 2013 Spring Solo Concert in Nagoya, The Last Stage for the 9 graduating members

  March 4, 2013

Photo: Former SKE48 theater manager Yuasa, announced the spring concert will be the last stage for the 9 members graduate in this spring

SKE48, a sister group of AKB48, based in Nagoya, announced their upcoming spring solo concert at Nihon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya.
The concert is titled “SKE48 Haru Kon 2013 Kawaranaikoto, Nakamanakoto” (SKE48 春コン 2013 変わらないこと。仲間なこと – SKE48 Spring Concert 2013, Things that will never change, that we are and will ever be buddies).

The concert will be held in two days, on April 13 and 14.

The announcement was made during the handshake event for SKE48’s 11th single “Choco no Dorei” (チョコの奴隷 – Slave of Chocolate) in Fukuoka on March 3rd.

SKE48 will hold their solo concert at Nihon Gaishi Hall for two years in a row.

Last year’s concert was also held in two days and total 16,000 people attended the show.

The concert was the largest scale one for SKE48’s solo concert, and employed a lot of interesting ideas and performances, which include the opening of live act with solo musical instrument playing – Sax played by Yagami Kumi -, 360 degrees runway surrounding the venue, special seats located at an area where you can only watch the stage from behind. Lots of surprise.

The important thing is this year’s SKE48 Gaishi Concert will be the last stage for 9 members of SKE48, who previously announced their graduation. (Kuwabara Mizuki, Takata Shiori, Hiramatsu Kanako, Yagami Kumi, Ogiso Shiori, Ueno Kasumi, Hara Minami, Kobayashi Emiri, and Akaeda Ririna)

In addition, the 6th generation members of SKE48, who made their theater debut a while back will also join the concert. Together with 20 members of 6gen, total 83 members of SKE48 will join the stage of Gaishi Concert 2013.

Photo: New SKE48 theater manager Shiba (at the right), making announcement of SKE48 Spring Concert 2013 at Nagoya Gaishi Hall. SKE48 member Matsui Jurina at the right.

Photo: SKE48 members performing “1!2!3!4!Yoroshiku!” (1!2!3!4! ヨロシク!)

Photo: SKE48 members performing “Te o Tsunaginagara” (手をつなぎながら)

Photo: SKE members singing “Pinocchio Gun” (ピノキオ軍 – The Pinocchio Force)

 Photo: Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena singing “Nakama no Uta” (仲間の歌 – Song of Buddies/Friends – Song of Consolidation)


Matsui Rena 3/3 11:56

The details of this year’s Gaishi Hall Concert is annouced!

It’s on April 13th and 14th!

Can’t wait for that!

Shiba Tomoya 3/3 12:17

I’d wanted to announce it as early as possible, and I was finally got a permission for that!

As we announced a little while back at Handshake Event at Fukuoka Marine Messe, it’s decided that SKE48 will again hold a solo concert at Nihon Gaishi Hall!

Togasaki Tomonobu 3/3 12:28

Alrighty! Are you Ready? Here We Go!!!!!