Kojiharu’s Mom’s Election Campaign for Her Daughter

  May 27, 2012
In this year’s Kojiharu’s birthday celebration festival, Kojiharu’s mom sent her a letter in which she wrote, “I’ve been determined to grow this girl to be an idol since she was in a kindergarten.”
But her support doesn’t end with this. In this election period, her mom is all for Kojiharu as she has joined in Kojiharu campaign, asking local Saitama residents and football club Urawa Reds’ supporters to vote for her.

Citizen of Saitama

Kojiharu’s mom came to our store and asked to campaign for her! Manager is grinning happily…. lol”


Haruna Kojima-san’s relative visited our store!! Kojima-san is from Urawa-city and a passionate supporter of Urawa Reds Diamonds!! We will support her in this election!!”
Kojiharu-news!! Her mother visited our store and gave us Kojiharu-san’s sign!! We will support her in this election!!”

Urawa city council news

“AKB48 member Haruna Kojima is known for her passion for our foot ball team Urawa Diamond Reds.
This time, her mom and her relative visited Izakaya Syuzou Riki where Reds‘ supports hang out to share their love for the team.
Haruna Kojima is placed in 11th in the early result of the ongoing AKB48 4th Senbatsu Sousenkyo.
If you are Reds‘ supporter, why don’t you join us to support her last spurt as well??”

While we have been almost accustomed that Kojiharu becomes a little upset after the early result every year, her mom’s election campaign assured us that Kojiharu and her mom is serious about the election. (I have had an impression that most of original members somehow look (or pretend to be) indifferent in this election as if they are now looking at different goal after Acchan announced graduation (-ω- ))