Mayuyu of AKB48 Shot Fans’ Hearts Out At Her Solo Concert

  March 24, 2012

Watanabe Mayu aka Mayuyu held her solo concert to memorate her debut single as a solo on 20the Mar in Yomiuri land, a themepark in Tokyo.
 In a yellow dress with a screw lever on back she performed 2 of her songs from the single, Sycro Tokimeki (Sycro Heartbeat Love), and Mitsuami no Kimi e (For you braids hair).

Between  the songs are her cute MC, like “Thank you all for coming here today. I think some of you come from all the way like from America, is there any from America? (yeah she needed you to come!)” or “yeasssss this is real me, not CG:))”. BTW, the screw on the back of her costume means Mayuyuloid (Mayuyu + vocaloid), according to her, lol.

Near the end of the concert, the surpise birthday cake was presented to her coming 18th birthday on 26th Mar, and 5,000, who gathered for this concert, fans celebrated her be-early happy birthday.

After finished this mini concert, she confessed that she was really nervous since she is not used to sing alone and performs in front of this small number of audience. She was also anxious about how many people really would come to see her solo live concert.

The gun shooting pose in the photo is actually aiming at fans. Of 5,000, 777 lucky fans were choosen by lottery to be shot their heart by Mayuyu’s handgun pose.