Members Reactions to Sashihara’s transfer to HKT48

  June 16, 2012

Sashihara Rino on her blog

I’m so sorry for causing you enormous worry. I’m really really sorry.
Akimoto-sensei talked on the matter in last night’s ANN.

And it turned out that I will transfer to HKT48.

I have no idea what will happen in the future, but the only thing I can do now is just striving forward, putting everything into it.

I don’t hold an optimistic hope that all of my fans will keep supporting me, so I have to put everything into it.

If there are people who still support me, I must strive forward. That’s how I thought as I was reading your comments….

And I don’t expect members and fans of HKT will accept me any time soon.

As a fellow member, I understand that together they have accomplished things, created their team.

Anyway, I will put my everything into it.

I’m so sorry for causing you a lot of worry..

HKT Sashihara Rino

AKB members reactions

Shinoda Mariko on G+ 10:01AM

There has been some surprising new announced on “ALL NIGHT NIPPON”.
I apologize to have made the fans worried, but I feel that we are moving forward one step at a time.
I ask for your support regardless of where the member may be!!
Good night!!


HKT?? Sashiko~~~~~~!

Iwasa Misaki on G+ 2:13AM

What if AkiP calls me….. I’m getting excited (she sent AkiP, text message)


“Sassy will transfer…….????”

Iwasa Misaki on G+ 2:51AM

I’ll miss her…..

But!! I’ll support her with full energy!!

“I can’t imagine (to be separated from Sassy)”

“But I have a firm feeling to support her!!!”

So from now on….. Wasamin should more often play a role of MC?

…. that’s an important thing!! Wasamin, please be aware of this!!!

 Oshima Yuko on G+ 2:58AM

I received a phone call from “ALL NIGHT NIPPON”.
Even after that phone call, I was talking on the phone until now with Acchan.

Sashihara is going to HKT….

I am sure it will be a challenge for her with such a different environment.
I am sure it is a challenge.

I will do anything I can to support you.

Let us give it our best.

Nakagawa Haruka 3:02AM

You will do fine, Sasshi!!

You have to step up to the challenge.
Even when we applied to join AKB, we did not know what we were in for, but we challenged it.

I don’t think there is any right or wrong.

I think it will be quite a challenge to go to HKT, but I am sure you will earn much more through the experience.
I wish you luck!!


Good Morning !!

It ‘s been a while since I last stayed up late . LOL
I learned a lot tonight !! 

Haruka looks fine on G+, but for her, this happening is followed by Nacchan’s retire, and I guess inside her heart she is suffering….

Minegishi Minami on G+ 3:08AM

Job well done on the radio everyone.

I was called to the radio as an assistant for “ALL NIGHT NIPPON”.
I am not sure what I was able to accomplish because so many things happened during the broadcast.

All I can say is that I love AKB which was formed by Mr. Akimoto, and lead by Acchan, and full of friends.

I am sure there will be controversy, but I think I was able to give it my best!! 

Miichan, good job. Your did really good job in the MC.

Despite she had to deal with very delicate topic, she really did a marvelous job in poised manner.

Takajo Aki on G+ 3:13AM

I am home!!
I just arrived!!

Sasshi is going to HKT….
I was not able to listen to “ALL NIGHT NIPPON” so I learnt about this through everyone else’s posts on Google+.
To be honest I am very surprised, but I know that Sasshi will strive wherever she is because of her kindness and upbeat nature.
HKT is a part of our group too!!

Let us keep working hard together!! 

Nakata Chisato on G+ 8:38PM

I still don’t know what to write but ,

Sasshi encouraged me just before I came to the stage .
She did not make me worry that’s why I will do my best .

Wherever she goes , our friendship will never change . ☆

Nakayan on G+ 10AM

Good morning…..

I heard it…..

But….. I believe Sassy can overcome this!!

And because you will meet her soon, (in TV shows or as Not Yet?) (or you can meet her in Fukuoka?) you will be fine, too.

Kikuchi Ayaka on G+ 2:13PM

It is tough.
I feel like I am not myself right now. LOL

Sasshi, I think that the toughest time is now.
However you have friends that will support you.
I am in no position to tell you this, but let’s try our hardest and move forward.

I am sure you will be alright, Sasshi.♡

Yokoyama Yui on G+ 4:42PM (Chihou-gumi)

I don’t understand because I did not receive any certain explanations about her .

It’s just that ,
when Sashihara-san and I were still trainees , we were on the same position , we had a group which consist of those who came from provinces , she also showed kindness to me when we appeared in ” Under Girls ” .

We’re doing local organization rap ,
We used cotton buds instead of candle lights on the birthday cake that we bought at the convenience store because there were no candle lights and
we watched our past lesson on DVD .

She and I had a lot of memories together ,, It maybe too early for me to think .

I have came across in AKB48 ,
and together with everyone from the local organizations , we were able to share a little happiness daily .

I think no matter what anyone will say , it will remain in our minds and it will not disappear .

Even though ,it may be tough for me to support Sashihara-san ,
If she’s hesitant to have a chat with us at the group mail , I wonder to answer that expectations.


Even if I cannot change the other people and the past , I can change myself and the future .

I like this word that my Japanese language teacher in junior high school said.

I think what my teacher said can be true to whatever we do. 

Nakanishi Yuka 1:58PM (Chihou-gumi)

I was so surprised with the announcement.

As I also experienced the transfer, I think I can be of any help for her, so, though it may not be a big support, I will support you as much as possible.

When I transferred, you guys told me, “Even though we will be distant from each other, we are and will be always Chihou-gumi”, and I couldn’t be happy more with this warm word.

So…. yeah, no matter how things change, no matter where we will be, Chihou-gumi continues to be Chihou-gumi!!

Kashiwagi Yuki on G+ 6:33PM

It has just begun today .

The long shooting has begun .

The transfer of Sasshi to HKT .
I was surprised .

There may be both the uneasiness and the loneliness but

I believe that Sasshi can change this into a chance and she can also lead HKT .

There are no changes about the relationship we have both in AKB and HKT !!

I would like to help as a friend if I can help her , that kind of feeling .

Alright !!
Let’s do our best .

Yokoyama Yui “Yukki sa~~~~n!!”
Kashiwagi Yuki “Yuihan, let’s do our best today.”

Oya Shizuka on G+ 2:29PM (Chihou-gumi)

Is Sashihara going to be transferred to HKT?
Sashihara tends to keep her problems to herself, and never tells me anything so I don’t know what to say….
I knew Sashihara was acting weird at the concert in Chiba.
I wish she had come to me earlier.

Although what I can do is very little, I hope to support Sashihara going forward.

To all our fans.
Your comments and applause at the concerts gives us more power that you imagine.

I hope we can all work together to support Sashihara.

I am on your side, Sashihara,

Kitahara Rie 5:55PM (Chihou-gumi)

Well , first of all , I gotta talk to Rino-chan before I talk about my thought.
I want to update my blog but I still don’t know what to write.
But no matter where you will be, Chihou-gumi is and will ever be Chihou-gumi . That will not change !!

Ami Maeda

I will miss Sassy after she left to HKT….. and I’m surprised, too.

I think it’s very tough for Sassy but I believe Sassy can go through this.(*´pωq`)゚+?

I’m all for you♪ Ami is waiting for you((*’v`pq)
And…. I realized that I can no longer rely on senior members…..

Katoh Rena 12:19PM

Sashihara-san…..  ( ・´ω・`)

Kato Rena “I love you Sashihara-san♥♥”


Sashihara-san, I love you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Heart, made of chocolate

Takeuchi Miyu

I finished having meal(^-^)/

Because Sashihara-san is my beloved senior member,

I miss her…..

I want to go to Yubi-Matsuri♪♪

Iwata Karen

(she talked about her day in the former part of the post)


That news on Sashihara-san surprised me so much….

Junior members like me haven’t spend enough time in AKB48, and I’m not a kind of person who had much opportunity to talk with Sashihara-san… so honestly I don’t know what to say about this…..

But Sashihara-san is one of senior members I admire and no matter where you will be, my love will never change.

Besides, it’s not that we can’t meet each other forever!!

I will keep striving forward and put my best into stage performance until the day I can meet you again(^^)

If this sounds too bold, I’m sorry….(^-^; 

Iriyama Anna


So it’s not a fake surprise or something?

I wish you best in HKT!

But…..I miss you~.
It’s a concurrent position, isn’t it? No? so it’s transfer…..
I’m confused….

Good morning☆

Akimoto Yasushi on G+ 5:58AM

So, to all HKT48 fans!!
I know this announcement came as a surprise but I humbly ask for your support for Rino Sashihara.
I hope the HKT48 members will be inspired and learn from Sashihara.

I am yet to decide about the position for Sashihara.
I think the local staff will determine what her position will be, so please support her.


This is about the transfer of Rino Sashihara to HKT48

I heard about the Bunshun’s article about her  from herself,

she said , ” Not everything is true, but it’s my fault if it leads misunderstanding” .

Though the story on the article is way back 3 or 4 years ago when Sashihara was still a Kenkyusei, she is feeling regret because as AKB48 member she was lacking self-awareness .

Sashihara had a 1 yellow card as a stern warning .

Rino Sashihara’s ” high spirit ” of ” The feeling of I won’t give up whatever will happen ” is a role model as AKB’s member .

I hope that this strength will convey the juniors ,

I decided to transfer her to the HKT48 which was formed just recently .

There are some people who said ” demotion ” to her , It’s rude to the members of HKT48 , staff and their fans .

We have a long meeting and we came out to a conclusion , and I think it is a good motivation to the young members of HKT48 and a new challenge for Rino Sashihara .

To those fans who made Sashihara to be a 4th placer , but ,

How far you will say that you are ” incompetent ” ?

With this kind of important time .

But , It’s Sashihara .

Maybe some day she will come back leading the strongest group HKT48.

Or maybe someday she will comeback mixing herself among the members of the strongest group HKT48.

Please give Rino Sashihara a warm care as the AKB’s least ” member who doesn’t live up to expectation “

HKT members reactions

Ueki Nao

I was so surprised at first…. But this is actually a good opportunity to learn things from Sashihara-san.
I want to learn a lot! And I want to grow and level up!!!
Alright! I will head for the event!!

Murashige Anna

I’ve been very surprised since the morning as we heard that Sashihara-san will transfer to HKT48…

But no matter what will happen, I will be as I am, and keep striving forward, and make new gags/jokes!

For today, I will focus on the event!

Kodama Haruka

We’ve been so surprised since the morning with the news about Sashihara-san….
But for today, let’s enjoy Fukuoka Sofbank Hawks’ event!!!
I’m looking forward to seeing Waka-chan (Wakatabe Haruka-chan)’s opening pitch!!!

To all fans.

I still don’t fully understand what’s going on, but I feel like telling this to everyone.

I love HKT48 so much.
And I love you so much as well.

And I will love you so much.
So, together, let’s move forward and grow HKT48!!

Anai Chihiro

Good morning

Sashihara san is transferred to HKT….

I was taken aback….

How will HKT be like…..

Nakanishi Tiyori

Everyone gets confused….. But HKT is and will be HKT.

What we can do is just striving forward.

No matter what will happen, HKT48 will put our everything into it.

So everyone!! Please keep supporting us!!

Sugamoto Yuko

As I woke up, I heard the  surprising news…..
Sashihara san will join HKT….!?!?

Sugamoto Yuko

Those who are feeling uneasy the most are Sashihara-san herself and her fans.

Nothing has started and been planned yet. It’s too early to speculate what will happen!!

All HKT members are nice girls (^^) Please believe in us!! I will do my best for improve HKT48 and Sashihara-san’s new start!!!

Sugamoto Yuko

I’m reading your comments….

I really felt love and your warm feeling to Sashihara-san

At first I’m perplexed with this, but now I’m looking forward to what’s will happen to the future of HKT48….. and is it only me who think like this???

Miyawaki Sakura

Good morning\(^^)/

I heard Sashihara-san of AKB48 will be transferred to HKT48.

My current feeling is…. “I’m just so surprised”

How things will change with this….?

Anyway, for today, I will join Hawks’ high school girls day♪

So I’ll do my best and wish you good luck!!

Sakura Sake (συσ)/*★.。(Bloom Sakura!!) (Sake=咲け, Her name Sakura=咲良)

So is there any member in HKT whose Oshi is Sashihara?

I know the center (Kodama Haruka) is attached to Sashihara.
I heard Sashihara was very kind to her during the filming of Manatsu no SG!
She said, “because I was alone (and Sashihara-san talked to me). Some day when I will become a senior member, I want to be like Sashihara-san. “

Eto Sayaka

Good morning(^ω^)/♪*

Honestly it’s a surprise that Sashihara-san will join HKT48,

But no matter how things will turn out to be, she is my fellow Oita (prefecturepeople!!

I hope she will teach us various things!!